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Pregnancy: To Reveal or Not Reveal

By geekgirlau ·
I have almost completed a six-month contract working on an IT project for a specific business unit in a multi-national company. They have been happy with the work I've performed, and we've set up an appointment for next week to discuss another role within the IT department.

I have just discovered that I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. Ideally I would like a six-month contract that would take me up to 38 weeks in the pregnancy (health permitting), then take 3 months off before returning to work.

My question is in my discussion next week, should I reveal my “delicate condition”? I don’t know the IT Manager well, and while my initial instinct is to be totally up-front, obviously I would prefer that this not jeopardise my chances at ongoing employment.

At this stage I have no idea whether the position on offer is permanent or on a contract basis. I would like to be able to stress the advantages of a contract arrangement in this case: if I need to reduce the number of days work towards the end of the pregnancy the company would only pay for the time I’m working; they would not have to pay maternity leave (which this company does for 6 weeks); they would be under no obligation to keep the position available for me after my return to work; and of course, I’m a fantastic catch!

Reactions please – what would your reaction be if you were the manager in question?

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Pregnancy: To Reveal or N ...

It will 'reveal' itself in a couple of months anyway! When applying for ANY position, contract or otherwise, you should always infrom prospective employers of any medical condition which may have a bearing on your ability to perform the duties required. Pregnancy is most certainly a 'medical condition'!

I would like to stress my concerns about any pregnant woman spending time in front of VDU's/Monitors, ergonomic concerns re: seating position with a 'pouch' in front, backache, swollen feet, etc., etc.

My wife is about 11 weeks 'bunned' at the moment and I have told her to be aware of the time she spends hunched over in front of the computer at home as it isn't good for her posture at the best of times! Her job is sat hunched over a checkout in a supermarket and she has already had a meeting with her Personnel Department to consider all her duties and shifts to see how they can be adapted to suit her status as mother-2-be.

You will have to make your own assessment of the risksand your ability to still be working at 38 weeks...and do you still plan to be driving to and from work at this stage?!!!

Good luck, however things pan out and I hope everything goes smoothly with the youngster!

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by senitaf In reply to Reveal

I would say wait until the third month of your pregnancy just to be on the safe side. Also keep an ear out, find out from other women, what the expect your managers reaction is.

Not sure if you are in the UK, as I am but the laws are changing a lot to support parents.

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I gotta agree with the guru here

by MallardtooXX In reply to Pregnancy: To Reveal or N ...

It will all come out sooner or later. If you are totally up front with the IT manager then you will be on better ground. You do not want him/her to think you are trying to scab their bennies, that will really tick them off. I way tell them exactly what you said in your post and they would be fools not to offer you something.

Be aware though, there are as you know a lot of harmful magnetic fields in our line of work like Guru said BE CAREFUL!!! you do not want to risk your self or your child over a contract. Good luck and God's speed


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Tough Situation

by TheChas In reply to Pregnancy: To Reveal or N ...

My wife was laid off from her job when she was pregnant with our first child.

The job interview process was VERY frustrating to her. Every prospective employer looked at her, and pretty much ended any serious discussion right there.

Now, thiswas a number of years ago, and I hope people are more enlightened now.

I guess, that I might consider continuing through the proposal and negotiation phase.
Assuming the final contract is drawn up, you can mention your condition at the signing meeting. Make it clear that you will fulfill the contract, and be available for follow up work on a specific date.

For your personal sake, you may need a bail-out clause, (or a reliable competitor to sub-contract) should you end up incapacitated.

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The law is on your side

by TD37849 In reply to Tough Situation

First, let me say "Congratulations!" As a mother of two, ages 11 years and 3 months, I can appreciate your situation.

Second, if you and your physician feel that you can safely perform your job duties with reasonable accomodation, I see no moral or legal obligation for you to reveal your pregnancy to your employer at this time.

Third, I would wait until after I got the contract to reveal your pregnancy to your boss.

Fourth, you should have a replacement trained and in the loop onthe job to take over just in case you need to take your leave early.

Lastly, it is unlawful for the company to discriminate against you based on your pregnancy.

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