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Prepare for a rally in the DOW - including Tech. Leaders IBM MSFT INTC

By maxwell edison ·
I predict a rally in the DOW over the next two or three months, going from a little over the 10,000 it is today, to levels that will flirt with the 11,000 barrier by autumn. The three tech. leaders in the Dow are IBM, Microsoft, and Intel, and all three will significantly outperform the DOW as a whole - as a percentage of gain. All three will see additional gains for a variety of reasons, especially Microsoft because of the 35 billion in cash (give or take) the company has "invested". IBM should also have very nice gains, as its current P/E is quite attractive, and the price is well below its recent past highs.

Over the next three months:

The Dow.....10 percent gain
Intel.......20 percent gain
Microsoft...25 percent gain
IBM.........30 percent gain

I have several reasons for these predictions. If anyone is interested in pursuing this course of discussion, leave a comment, and let's see where it goes.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion only. Investing, as always, has some level of risk involved, and this is, by no means, a recommendation to invest in any particular manner. Consult your own financial advisor before investing, and I am making no claims that I am an "expert".

As a side note: How many people invest in their own future? How many people "pay themselves" first?

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Dow's future

by grantk In reply to Prepare for a rally in th ...

I agree that something is brewing. In a technical analysis portfolio management and daily picks program at are what the developers call "Health" indicators based on the S&P500. They are at present showing that more stocks in the S&P500 should be Avoided than Held, BUT there is a change brewing. The indicator has just started to head in the opposite direction. Probably the Dow will show this change as well over the next few weeks.

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A lot is dependant on whether you are trading technicals or fundemntals

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Prepare for a rally in th ...

I am in partial agreement but my numbers are more indicative of an eight to nine month time frame at least for those growth numbers with some strong
negative projections from late Sept through Oct i.e.:if you aren't in place by July 29 then skip it. Dow up 3 maybe 4% Intel up 6 - 8 Microsoft up 10 - 12 IBM 10 - 15%. Look for lots of profit taking from last week of Sept through Oct staying relatively flat but with upward tics to end of Dec but growth towards your numbers to end of Mar beginning of April. I more or less trade technicals but track fundementals. Used to keep no more than 10% cash but now 20 - 25% in euros, swiss francs and yen. How about you?
Look to lumber heading towards hurricane season. An old sentimental favorite either stocks or futures - personal preference for options but will buy contracts if thats where action is. Plan for profits before end of spring floods. Currency plays in Canada easier than US because Canadian banking not handicapped by Glass-Steagall. Lots of US currency traders maintain accounts in Canada because of this but in their position I think tax benefits of Caymans, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos might have a little more appeal but in terms of stability Canada wins.

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What did you use ??????

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Prepare for a rally in th ...

I'm assuming something more than a SWAG. So how did you arrive with this time frame???

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Are you sure because that seems a bit over the top....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What did you use ??????

Considering latest activities!!!

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