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By Jason Chan ·
I have been working as a consultant in a small consulting company in Hong Kong, which focuses in different enterprise solutions, like CRM, BI and SRM.

Now that, I have an opportunity to work as a pre-sale consultant in a start-up in Hong Kong by a US leading vendor company.

I wonder what is the right path for me? To stay in my current position, continue to learn different enterprise solutions? Or to take the challenge to work in a demanding pre-sales position?

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by butchbert In reply to Presales or Consulting

Jason, continuing from my last posting...

In short, if you've done your homework on the new opportunity, and still feel that it would be a good opp and a good time to switch, then do it. Everyone grows with experience, whether you succeed or fail. Just make sure you're being fair to yourself in evaluating the situation, and not reacting to a temporary problem, personal or market-driven. Adding exposure to sales to your skillset, combined with technical consulting skills, makes you that much more valuable to a company because you have a better understanding of business and its cycles. Talk with colleagues, friends, and family about it - but make the decision yours. If the choice is "switch," be professional, finish your consultant obligations, attack the new position with enthusiasm, and don't look back. Figure on spending at least 2 years in the new position to give it a fair attempt after training and time to prove you know the products and processes. You may want references or want to return to your old employer someday. Good luck!

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Right path for consultant in Hong Kong

by butchbert In reply to Presales or Consulting

Jason, it isn't clear from your note if you're bored, frustrated, maxed out your learning opp's in your current job, or are simply looking to explore other areas. So, write down the pro's and con's of switching, both tangible - money, work hours, traveling, etc. + intangible (job sat., challenge, career positioning) on a piece of paper in 2 columns. This will help you compare the up's and down's of each job. I suggest you do this over a few sittings, as you'll probably come up with different q's + a's each time. I also suggest you ask yourself the following questions. Am I interested in advancement? building new skills? money? 10 years from now, would you look back + make the same decision, + affirm or regret that decision? What is your "comfort" level with your current job? Do you trust the US vendor company, + are there real opp's to succeed in a new pre-sales position within the required time period (good sales support, ample client base, desired products/services)? Are you a salesoriented person? Are your people skills refined? What does your "gut" say?

Having lived with an executive recruiter for many years (my father), I'm very familiar with the process of evaluating jobs on objective and personal levels, and recently switched positions myself. I expanded my skill base with both technical and "soft" skills. I'm blending IT and business knowledge more now, get paid better, have more room for advancement, still work with talented people, and enjoy the new challenges.

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