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Presario V2000 Turion 64 Repair

By eraser3498 ·
I have a Presario V2000 Turion 64 laptop and it won't power up. I've tested the power jack into the motherboard and the power adapter itself both show that they are getting the proper voltage and current. Next I tested the power button and it checks out as well. What else can I try. Any schematics and wiring diagrms you could provide would else be very helpful. Thanks you so much for your help.

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by eraser3498 In reply to Presario V2000 Turion 64 ...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Presario V2000 Turion 64 ...

The general specs for this unit are listed here along with some other info which in all likely hood will be fairly useless to you but I'll list it just in case


The maintenance & Service Guide is posted here and may be of some use to you


The Hardware & Software Guide is listed here


Perhaps one of these sites will be of some use to you. Also remember that when you test the Current supplied by the Mains Adaptor it's only a Static Test and you should also test it when it's under load as the Power Supply may be breaking down when it has a load placed on it and not delivering the proper amperage. A good way to test this is to check the Battery state as if it's flat the Mains Adaptor isn't working correctly and is failing to charge the battery.

Hope this helps


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I am having the same power issue....

by j.beesley In reply to

I am having the same power issue with my V2000. I have tested with a different power supply and a fully charged battery...still no use...I have heard that the DC plug has a tendancy to go bad on these but if the battery is fully charged it shouldn't matter about the DC plug should it....frustrated...any help would be great....

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Same power issue

by meechp123 In reply to I am having the same powe ...

I took my laptop into a repair shop and they said the connector for the power might need to be soldered again.

Looks like this is a common issue. All I know is this, no more HP/Compaq laptops for me.

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Me as well

by desireemattice In reply to Presario V2000 Turion 64 ...

I have a Compaq Presario V2000. First, the battery went bad after being just over a year old. So I bought a nice new 12 cell battery. Now, the computer completely died, without warning. I wondered if my cord wasn't connecting to charge and I didn't notice a battery light. So I thought I would have it soldered. But, I took my batter to a friend with an HP and had her charge it for me. I stuck it back in, and my laptop still will not power up, so that leads me to believe it isn't the cord connection. Someone mentioned that maybe the battery on my motherboard had gone bad. There is another battery to this thing? Has anyone heard of that? Anyone know why there are no lights and the computer will not turn on at all even with a charged, 2 week old 12 cell batter in it?

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here is another one

by maniac.j.g In reply to Me as well

Yesterday took for repair me a Compaq Presario V2000 with the same problem as yours. The problem is in the mainboard. It has somewhere a short circuit and broken fuse just after power connector. may be is the same at yours

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Mine too-Bad motherboard

by bradena57 In reply to here is another one

Same thing has happened to mine. I've been told its a bad motherboard, but I would like to know exactly what is wrong. And I don't know if anyone else has been thinking the same thing but this seems odd to me...the sticker on my motherboard in the computer says "replace with hp spare 412439-001" yet that part is no longer available from hp's parts store and I'm told to get a 394252-001 or a 394253-001 instead. So if any of you guys still check this post let me know what part number your original motherboard is. Because it would seem quite odd to me if all of these failing computers have the same motherboard in them and they just happen to be no longer available.

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by creek In reply to Mine too-Bad motherboard

I have a Compaq Presario V 2000 which does not start, I both a new battery and cord but it's still not turning on. I went to Nerd Squad at Best Buy and they said it was a bad mother board and that it would be too expensive to fix, I shoud get a new computer. That's it, no other explanations about what specifically is wrong with the computer. I am taking an online graduate course, so I need a reliable computer so I bought a new one. I still would like to get my compaq fixed.

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I'm fighting HP for all of us...

by HeresMikey In reply to Me as well

I'm contacting a major TV station in my area and posting this problem of ours to a consumer complaint show that they have so it will air and maybe enlist more of us 'disgruntled' HP customers on the bandwagon. I'm sure that there are many more broken V2000's out there and that the owner's were not aware of the defective motherboard. Maybe this will stir up the higher management at HP since I'm sure it will tarnish their reputation even further. This is bad business for them to neglect our complaints and relying on the voided warranty as their defense when it is obvious that so many of their V2000 died just after one year. Of course I will not stop at just in my area but to continue to other media nationwide.
"I will never purchase another HP product again!" and will push that slogan everywhere I go.

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by joelkin In reply to I'm fighting HP for all o ...

Add me to the list.
I'm having exactly the same problem as described!
Can the fuse on the motherboard be replaced?
My laptop just powered down one day and I have never been able to turn it on.
Have tried everything. When plugged into powerpoint it doesn't even come up with the charging indicator light.
Any help appreciated.

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