Presario won't boot after recovery

By pjkellyva ·
Presarion desktop, 4 yrs old, recovery runs to completion with mouse and kybd working. when "resart in user partion" is selected the computer gets the XP splash, appears to be booting, the mouse "light" goes out, the monitor goes to sleep, and then nothing happens, nothing responds and the only thing on is the desktop box???

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What was the reason for invoking the Recovery ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Presario won't boot after ...

What problems brought you to decide to use the Recovery Mode?

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If you had a boot sector Virus or other infection

by cpubymike In reply to Presario won't boot after ...

You might want to try a Fixmbr fix boot etcetera from the windows recovery console.

You'll need an installable disk to do this.
choose -r at the second option; Not -f2 at the asr prompt unless you have an asr image to use.

To my knowledge which I will admit is limited, both ASR and what ever recovery option you used probably will not mess with the boot sector.

The Windows recover console should be able to accomplish this.

You also might take a look at booting into the system with an open source live cd and fdisking or Double d'ing the boot sector through to 446 I believe that the MFT starts at 447

If you go that route definitely do your homework first

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Presario won't boot after recovery

by pjkellyva In reply to If you had a boot sector ...

Thanks for the fast response! I got it!?!?
Had a 3rd party ATI sound board in it, removed, plugged the monitor into the regular PC spot and it recoverd fine????

I was trying to wipe the disk - got a new one and xferred all my data.

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