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By tech_gal ·
I have an interview next week and asked to do a 20 minute Presentation, topic could be anything. The position I am being interviewed for is a Project Management. The people who are going to see my presentation are mixed of Tech and non-techies. So far, my ideas gear toward Technology, but I think I should discuss a more general topic. I'm soo clueless and really want to get this job! Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

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They aren't asking you to present...

by JamesRL In reply to Presentation Help! show off your tech skills.

They are asking you to show your communications skills.

You may want to do presentation on Project Management, and include technology as the context, but the main focus should be on highlighting your communications skills.

Suggestion - the importance/advantages of Project Management certification in large organizations (if they are a large one).


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Agree with JamesRL

by Tink! In reply to They aren't asking you to ...

Gear it toward what the position is..Project Management.

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3 Primary Points

by Matthew Moran In reply to Presentation Help!

Whether you have twenty minutes or an hours, it is good to cover three primary points. This is, what I call, the Baptist Preacher approach. Even highly technical or really smart people tune out presentations that cover too much info.

With that in mind, create a theme and identify 3 areas of focus.

Solving the Challenges of Creating a Team
- 1) People & Department's Differing Perceptions of Project Importance (solution: Empathy - give them their perception but now let's get to work)

- 2) Highly Skilled Project Mavericks (solution: give controlled ownership to feed their need but minimize disruptive impact)

- 3) Lack of Commitment by Fringe/Partial Team Members (keep them in the forefront of project communication - extra atta-boys, atta-girls)

Okay, there is an idea of a presentation. I just drew this up, while typing, top-of-head. Don't be afraid to let your personality out as well.

If you are nervous, the very first thing you can do is address it up front.

"Boy, I am really nervous. I am going to work very hard to hide that from you, but if shows up, take it as a sign of my desire to do well."

It is an old trick in speaking, when people are nervous and pretend that they aren't, they look foolish. When people are nervous, admit their nervous, suddenly the room is pulling for you - they want your success. Also, admitting removes a lot of the anxiety associated with being nervous - you actually relax much much more.

Good luck and have fun!!!

Matthew Moran
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Excellent insights

by ITBiz2008 In reply to 3 Primary Points

Hi Matthew.

You stole my words for this reply. Good suggestions.


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Some teaching theory for you

by jmgarvin In reply to Presentation Help!

Make sure you tell them your goals and objectives on the first slide (after the title slide). THEN get into it.

Remember the rule of three:
1) Tell them what they need to know
2) Tell them what they know
3) Tell them what they did

Also don't forget Bloom's Taxonomy:
Knowledge - Tell them. This would be your powerpoint presentation

Understanding - At milestones or benchmarks in your presentation stop and double check the audience. Ask questions and have a short discussion.

Application - At the add, have them do a small practical.

Analysis - A good time categorize and have the students come around to realize you've covered the goals and objectives.

Synthesis - You won't get here in a short amount of time...but a good thing is to have them arrange and assemble that knowledge that you gave them.

Evalutation - The test! You won't get here either...Maybe a few verbal questions??

Also, don't forget to engage your audience! Have fun!!

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