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President Obama sells access to the White House

By maxwell edison ·
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Fix the link.

http / freebeacon. com/chuck- todd-on-ofa-fundraising-this-just-looks- bad/

"Looks bad" my a$$. How about criminal?

"This just looks bad - it looks like the White House is selling access, Todd said Monday. It's the definition of selling access. If you believe money has a strangle hold over the entire political system this is ceding the moral high ground.

Hey Chuck! Apply the quack test. If it quacks like a duck, it's a friggin' duck! If it "looks like Obama is selling access", he's SELLING ACCESS!

Go ahead, all you Obama Kool Aide drinkers. Try to justify it by saying everybody does it.

P.S. I laugh - and am totally surprised - that the story is from MSNBC, and not FOX News!

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I'm shocked Maxwell

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

What are you trying to say here that Free Enterprise and Capitalism isn't acceptable any more?

I thought that Free Enterprise and Capitalisms sold what they could and if it wasn't useful it wouldn't sell.

Col :^0

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Well, I'm not shocked.....

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm shocked Maxwell

.....that you can't seem to muster up even one serious word (or a funny non-serious word). If you have nothing to say, here's a hint. Don't try to say it.

(Oh gee, I did it again.)

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OK something funny then

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well, I'm not shocked.... ...

Max you are talking like a Commie.

However on a more serious note a while ago I believe it was possibly you who said something about voting for your preferred candidate. If it wasn't I apologize, but none the less it's really of no importance, as I replied that no you never get to vote for your Preferred Candidate the best you get to do is vote for the Parties Candidate.

So once you acknowledge that you are not voting for who you believe would be the best candidate but who the Party and here it doesn't matter which party you have to accept that the Candidate offered by that party is beholding to that Political Party and is effectively a Puppet of that Political Party.

So if they they do things like you have posted about here it's for their Political Party's Benefit not them self personally and they just are in a position of their Political Masters Say Jump and their only response possible is How High and for How Long.

Doesn't matter who they are when they are in office they are the slaves of their Political Parties always have been and always will be. About the only time that this may be not rammed down peoples necks ts is when the candidate is Senile and are incapable of understanding what they are being told to do.

But then again I think on that we can both agree that having a person like that in any Political Office anywhere in the world is most defiantly not in the best interests of the country/state that they are supposed to be representing as while they do not do as they are told directly by their very condition they are incapable of resisting their Political Masters at all and in a situation like that the Political Masters have free reign to do as they please without any possible hindrance or resistance.

The only way that you can vote for your preferred candidate is to be an active member of a Political Party and then you are part of the problem and not in any way connected with a possible solution to Political Parties running the show for their own benefit at the expense of the country/state that they are supposed to be representing.


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Are You Saying

by dogknees In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

That ANYONE can get access by paying a fee? If so, I'd agree it's a problem. If however, they are placing controls around who can actually get access, where's the problem.

Unless of course you think impressions matter more that reality.

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Of course they have controls

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Are You Saying

Do you really think Abdab Achmaeil would be able to buy in without screening? It's a push to get a precious few who he wants support from. I don't think it's a "use PayPal to gain access" deal. IF so you are in a lot of trouble but, even in the US, I don't think the government would be THAT dumb, not would they allow a president to launch such a campaign, which I'm sure was pushed on him to begin with.

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Corrupt US politician is corrupt...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

what a shocker.

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Politics has always needed money. Is anything surprising about this item?

by DelbertPGH In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

Presidents have always rooted around for money and have held fancy dinners or overnight stays at the White House for big donors. Always. Contributions have always bought access, even in simpler, more honest times (in case you choose to believe there ever was a simple and honest time in American politics.)

With recent Supreme Court decisions, where corporations can now give unlimited money to election-influencing organizations, and where election-influencing organizations can relabel themselves as political and cultural education groups (so as to avoid the feeble attempts to regulate money in elections, and where even making public the names of donors to these groups is seen as an impingement upon free speech, well, then, the floodgates are pretty much open. Good ideas and virtuous men without money will lose elections. Money is the price of admission to a career in governance, and not just a little money, either. I predict you'll see a ten billion dollar election in the next cycle.

I hope Chuck Todd will learn to adjust his sensitivity to these sorts of shocks, and not waste anybody's further time with stories of his horror-stricken surprise. I hope nobody lets on to Chuck that other more seriously disturbing things are afoot in our culture, like, high school girls drink beer and get into sexual situations. The news might stop his heart.

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story has been discontinued

by john.a.wills In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

The Beacon cannot find the story. I wonder if Obama got to it.

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Here it is.

by DelbertPGH In reply to story has been discontinu ...
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So far, the score is:

by maxwell edison In reply to President Obama sells acc ...

One silly, meaningless, and nonsensical (non American).
One ignorant (non American).
One both hypocritical and ignorant (non American).
One critical of the reporter for his reporting (American).
Unknown number who read, but decided (for their own reasons) to not comment.

I shake my head in disbelief.

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