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Presumably bad guys can get US guns pretty easily too?

By darjon-lorne ·
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Yes but

by darjon-lorne In reply to Presumably bad guys can g ...

The beauty of a concealed handgun is that (if concealed properly) the would be offender is not aware that his "victim" is armed. Obviously, the possibility of assaulting an armed man makes the idea far less pleasant, and therefore less likely. As such, legal concealed weapons benefit the law abiding citizenry to a far greater extent than they do the criminal faction.

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if that was the case

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes but

then wouldn't an unconcealed, clearly displayed weapon be a more effective deterrent?

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On an individual basis, you're right.

by apotheon In reply to if that was the case

The benefit of concealed carry is not to the individual carrying, but to society as a whole. If concealed carry becomes a common practice (as it is in some areas), the criminal element is less likely to directly confront and threaten people in general, because the would-be predators do not know who's armed and who isn't. Open carry only protects the guy carrying openly; concealed carry adds an element of protective uncertainty for everyone.

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by santeewelding In reply to On an individual basis, y ...

By means of obscurity?

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by mariah10 In reply to Security

Because the 'bad' people don't know what they are confronting. A little old lady they see as an easy target or very adept professionally trained marksman.

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I don't know how I missed that.

by apotheon In reply to Security

No, not the way "security through obscurity" is technically used. "Security through obscurity" is used to refer to the practice of hiding information about one's security procedures in an attempt to increase one's security against a threat that, at some point in the future, may be in the progress of being realized. Thus, it would mean "If everybody who carries must do so concealed, I will be more secure if someone attacks me because that person will not know whether I am carrying."

The societal effect of the common case of concealed carry is more like "Peace through uncertainty." The widespread incidence of attacks is reduced by the knowledge of widespread carry as a practice coupled with the uncertainty about who is actually carrying. It does not in any way protect a given individual against an attack any better. In fact, on an individual basis, the specific effect of the "obscurity" condition (someone carrying who hides the fact he or she is carrying) is more likely to be a reduction in security. Remember -- only someone with something to hide can hide it, thus practicing security through obscurity.

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by santeewelding In reply to I don't know how I missed ...

Diaphanously sliced.

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by apotheon In reply to Reasoning

It's not thin. It's precise. It may not look like a big difference to someone who doesn't deal with the effects of security through obscurity as a normal job function, but for me the difference is pretty significant. I can only (reasonably) assume by your attitude about it that you are lucky enough to avoid those effects the majority of the time.

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by santeewelding In reply to Reasoning you divine security "attitude" in my two posts above is beyond me. You got yourself a magical dowsing rod, or something? And, why trifle with attitude of another in the first place?

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If anyone here is slicing too thinly to say something relevant . . .

by apotheon In reply to Reasoning

1. Your words online are the only way we have to judge attitude -- so you're either making mocking statements about it or misrepresenting yourself. I suppose I might have said "apparent" there, but given the context of assumption I thought that part was perfectly obvious.

2. Who's trifling with your attitude? You can keep it, if you like.

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