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Prevent Printing JPG Images

By acridweasel ·
My company stores technical drawings on a standard client computer on our company domain by scanning the paper documents and saving as .jpg files.
These files need to be made available for users to view across the network, but I need to stop all but 3 people from printing them.
Is there any way to allow everyone to view the drawings, but only specific users printing them?
I understand this can be done with .pdf documents but we have hundreds (if not thousands) of drawings and space is at a premium.

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by Jaqui In reply to Prevent Printing JPG Imag ...

even a pdf won't stop someone from printing.

if I can view an image I can make a local copy and print that.
if I can view a pdf I can print it.

the no-save tools are easily beaten, by the simple means of turning off javascript.

you could create a custom piece of software, that is required by all but those allowed to print the images, which does not have any connection to printing system, or any means to save files.

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by Jaqui In reply to

There are a number of javascripts that try to stop people from saving images from websites.
they all work by disabling the right click.

and if you don't know how to turn of active scripting then they should work, but they only stop people from accessing the context menu.

A good source of information on image protection options are the graphics community sites.
[ is one, with around a million active members, and 2000+ online at any given time.] They frequently are discussiong methods of stopping people from stealing their "artwork"*

there are some programs that work with proxy servers and redirects to protect the images, but printing is always possible.

* for a lot of the images, the term artwork may be a misnomer

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by acridweasel In reply to Prevent Printing JPG Imag ...

What no-save tools?
I have an extremely limited knowledge of anything in this particular area, unfortunately. If these tools can be by-passed by turning off java script, I don't think that would be a problem as I'm sure no-one has that kind of expertise. Myself included!
I need to find a (relatively) easy fix for this problem, as we are sadly lacking both knowledge and experience.

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by entawanabi In reply to Prevent Printing JPG Imag ...

You are coping from layered storage, as if your useing a compression program, as your hardware storage operation does not have enough actual volumne and the windows 98 opers that are there for some reason are making sure that it does get stored someone else may know what else to do.

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by zaferus In reply to Prevent Printing JPG Imag ...

here are some larger printers that have management consoles to which you can specify who can print, and what they can print.

Or have 2 printers - one standard laser and the other which is only installed for those 3 users for the nicer color images.

Other than that I would suggest having some strong auditing policies on printing and a well drafted memo to the deparment heads letting them know their department will be billed for supplies every time an image is printed without authorization.

A few bills go out, and they should promptly slow their staff down on abuse.

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