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By bolltron ·
My Goal is to turn off Recent Docs History In Adobe Reader 9.13. You can set display in Reader to 1 but not 0. Next attempt was Registry modifications which I could cleanup all entries but entries would reappear which Adobe would read then create its own RegHistory in Windows. What I have tried so far in XP

Delete HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\explorerComDlg32\OpenSaveMRU
Delete HKCU\software\adobe\acrobat reader\9.0\AVGeneral\cRecentFiles
Delete HKU\software\adobe\acrobat reader\9.0\AVGeneral\cRecentFiles

Run Clear List from Start Menu for good measure. The steps above will clear all Recent Docs in Adobe but as soon as I load a Document, all the keys above are regenerated and repopulated. If I could prevent the OpenSaveMRU from being created I believe Adobe would have nothing to build its own list from.


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Ok why?

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Prevent RecentDocsHistory

First of all, I'd consider it bad practice to modify the behavior of an application in a way that it is not designed to be. More than likely it's going to cause you issues later.

So I ask the question, why would you want to do this?

Also, the first three registry keys you posted aren't even related to adobe reader, but Windows Explorer so when you tried to set NoRecentDocsHistory you were setting it for Windows Explorer, not Adobe Reader.

If you were able to find how to remove them I would incorporate that into a logoff script... so when a user logs off the history is cleared.

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