Prevent the XP users (Local & Domain users) from using CD and Memory sticks

By seyadi ·
I have a domain running on Win2000 server and the users Pc's running WIN XP.

How can I prevent a specific group or OU from using the CD Drive or memory sticks (Flash memory)?

I need to know how can I do that in case the user in login using his domain user and local user.

Prefer if I can do it using GPO or login scripts.

Thank you very much.

Haitham Seyadi
Head of Communication Section

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Set all of them to power users

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Prevent the XP users (Loc ...

or users. Those groups don't have the rights to install hardware.

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Not work

by seyadi In reply to Set all of them to power ...

Not work ... they are still can plug a flash memory and use it.

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disk management

by bldsm In reply to Prevent the XP users (Loc ...

I would try going to MY COMPUTER right clicking and selecting MANAGE and in DISK MANAGEMENT reducing the amount of spare hard drive letters available so even if they plug in no drive letter will be allocated and they won't be able to find their drives. Works for us at work.

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reducing the amount of spare hard drive letters available

by seyadi In reply to disk management

This idea appears to be OK.

How can I reduce the number of drive letters?

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Yes, how to reduce?

by hpum In reply to reducing the amount of sp ...

I'm at disk mangement console.... Now what?

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Possible Paths.....

by griffon In reply to disk management

Option 1 : At Computer level
you can use the following technic to block access but this applies to the machine not to users;en-us;555324

Option 2 : Block USB Storage devices or make it read only
To restrict use of USB Storage, you can change permissions on usb.inf file and usbstor.sys file (located in %Windir%\inf directory). If a group has denied access, it will not be able to install any USB storage devices)

you can also decide to have usb devices as read only by changing this registry key


Option 3 : Restrict Drives using GPO

I haven't test that... If the computers are configured the same way, you could use the following utility in the web page

You can restrict any Drive Letter. Based on group membership, you can decide to allow/deny access to drive letters different to the C drive (for example)

Just some ideas....

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by animatech In reply to Prevent the XP users (Loc ...

You can use group policy to take the cd drive use from users.
As for flash drive I am not sure we disabled the USB port via the BIOS but I am not sure if there is a way to do it differently.

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