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Prevent Users from Installing Programs (they have Admin Rights)

By Opiate ·

I have a small situation. Users have local admin rights because a few programs require this permission setting for them to run properly. Usually they are database programs. I find it difficult to restrict them of installing programs on their own since they have Admin Rights. What is worse they can theoritically run Password Recover Programs or worse, LC4. I know I can probably set permissions at the Registry Level for that specific program, but is there a more effecient way of doing this?


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Technical Q&A

by Oz_Media In reply to Prevent Users from Instal ...

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You posted to the wrong forum, but you will get help if you post in the Technical Q&A forum.

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by jimmypi In reply to Prevent Users from Instal ...

Check into SMS 2003, Its a great solution for alot of problems, but a little pricey

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Express Meter

by jamwe In reply to Prevent Users from Instal ...

I have used Express Meter in the past and have had good luck with it.

It takes a littlie time to do the initial setup and requires ongoing maintenance (only when you add a new application). Check it out.


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by Opiate In reply to Express Meter

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