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Prevent Users from Viewing Login Script

By InletGroveHS ·
Is there anyway that I can prevenet users from viewing the programming / coding in my VBS login script?

It is located in the default location (\\server\netlogon) and is in use.

However, I would like to implement some other tools that in the coding will reviel some directory locations that I would rather them not know about.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Prevent Users from Viewin ...

Here is a Technet article that talks about hiding the logon script window:

hope this helps

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by InletGroveHS In reply to

Not exactly what I am looking for. I am currently using Visual Basic Scripting for my login scripts. This doesn't display the commands while running, so that is not the problem.

What I have a problem with is people going to the \\server\NETLOGON directory and viewing the contents of the script there (right-click -> edit).

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by BeerMonster In reply to Prevent Users from Viewin ...

You can encrypt the file using the script encoder from microsoft - screnc.exe, running it against your vbscript will produce another vbscript with a VBE extension which will be encrypted. Note that there are some decryption tools around that a knowledgable user can use to break the encryption, but if they are that determined they will probably get in whatever you do.

Download it at

(remove any spaces from that URL)

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by InletGroveHS In reply to

Excellent, just what I needed... Thanks...

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by InletGroveHS In reply to Prevent Users from Viewin ...

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