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Preventing Multiple users from logging on to my personal workstation....

By SysAdminTech ·
Hi Everyone!

...Ok here's the problem Im a Win 2000 Pro network admin working on the 2nd shift support team... I have recently setup my own personal workstation OS Win 2000 pro in my own personal area. However when I arrive to my workstation on my shift I always seem to find someone sitting at my workstation.... Yes Im fed up with this smelly *** sitting at my workstation sorry but its the truth.... How can I prevent multiple users from logging on to my PC?

P.S I dont want to start setting restriction on user accounts. All I want to do is restrict multiple users from logging on to my PC.

Thanks for your help!

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Set it up like XP home edition

by zlitocook In reply to Preventing Multiple users ...

You did not say if it is an XP box but you can set it like it's a home edition. It is alot simpler this way then using the registry.

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by SysAdminTech In reply to Set it up like XP home ed ...

Oh Its windows 2000 Pro

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Put a webcam on top of it.

by admin In reply to Preventing Multiple users ...
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Can't have it both ways

by AndeAnderson In reply to Preventing Multiple users ...

You are asking how to stop multiple users without having any restrictions. That's not possible. To stop others you must have restrictions.

The only way you can stop other users from using your workstation, if you have the admin rights and authorization to do so, is to set up restricted access through the Users function. Remember, that workstation belongs to the company and is not your personal computer.

Set-up the administrator and your account with passwords. Then disable the Guest account and require users to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del keys to login.

That will prevent others from using your workstation.

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by SysAdminTech In reply to Can't have it both ways

I do have my entire network password protected Newbie. All I need to know is there a way that I can restrict users with accounts from logging on to my local machine. VIA using group policy or something in that nature. Im pretty sure if I thought of this so did Microsoft. Its just knowing where and how to set this restriction.

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Rough Idea

by UtherPendragon In reply to

Something to try, though im not overly sure of this!!

You can setup your machine to have an OU of its own, and then block the default domain policy, setup your own group policy to only allow your user account to log on to that machine

In theory that should work, but i have never tried it!!

Hope this helps

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Do the opposite.

by admin In reply to

Only allow those you want on your machine. :>

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If Allowed . . .

by briandesu In reply to

I personally like idea presented in "Rough Idea". I offer an alternative.

Make your PC a standalone PC, that way only local users may logon to it.

So, how do you administer the network, create a trust...? Or use remote desktop connection?



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Use a script

by pvisnicky In reply to Preventing Multiple users ...

Hey SysAdminTech
Use a script to keep unwanted people out of your computer.
Copy the script below into notepad and save it as shutdown.vbs.
Change where it says "your user name" to the logon name that you use. and then stick the script in the start up folder.
This script is set to just log them off.
If you set ObjOperatingSystem.Win32Shutdown(1)
as 1 it shuts the computer off.
Carefull you don't lock yourself out.

Set x = CreateObject ("Wscript.Network")
'Wscript.echo x.UserName

If x.UserName = "Your User Name" then
Wscript.echo "You May Use this Computer"

Set colOperatingSystems = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{(Shutdown)}").ExecQuery("Select * from " _
& "Win32_OperatingSystem")
For Each objOperatingSystem in colOperatingSystems

'BTW, you can change the 0 to these numbers if you want to shutdown or other
'0 preform logoff
'1 shutdown
'4 forced shutdown (don't allow to save)
'8 powers down the machine

End IF

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Local Security Policy

by shay1271 In reply to Preventing Multiple users ...

Go to Administrative Tools, Local Security Settings, Under security settings go to local policy, find the settings that say "Deny logon locally" and "Log on locally". Choose the network/computer user names you want respectively.

Make sure you have administrative rights and don't lock yourself out.

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