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price gouging or what?

By Jaqui ·
I was just checking the websites of a few shops for dual layer dvd disks.

two of the largest chain stores carry a 50 piece spindle of them, same brand, so same product.

these two chains have a $30.00 difference in prices for the product.

Future Shop, usually most expensive place to buy anything, has the 50 pack spindle for $39.99
Staples, usually competitively priced, has the same memorex 50 pack spindle for $69.99

can we say price gouging?

I knew we could.

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Or something more sinister?

by NexS In reply to price gouging or what?

Perhaps, the funding for the first Terminator is in its initial stage?

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Price Gouging? I'd call it competition.

by maxwell edison In reply to price gouging or what?

Price gouging is what happens when there are no other options for a product. You found another option.

Some people might go out of their way to gripe to Staples about their mark-up and price, and tell them about their competition selling the same thing for $30 less. Some might not.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Price Gouging? I'd call i ...

Gouging is when you don't have a choice - $7 a gallon for gas post-Katrina, for example. The supplier is charging the same, but the retailer is marking it up because the customers have no options, and he's trying to make as much as possible before things return to normal.

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by Jaqui In reply to Price Gouging? I'd call i ...

since both have a 'price match" guarantee, with a 10% less bonus, I'll head to the closest staples, it's actually easier to get to than the future shop.

get a $33.99 drop of their price.

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That would be the thing to do

by maxwell edison In reply to well

If Staples has a price match guarantee, then hold them to it.

My guess is that they'd drop their price on that item by $30.

Free enterprise and competition - gotta' love it!

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Typical "We'll beat the price" offers are for non-sale prices only

by DelbertPGH In reply to well

Sounds like Future Mart, usually the most expensive joint, has the item on a special mark-down. Staples' policy may be to discount anybody's regular advertised price. I've seen it work like that.

Life is in the fine print.

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I am piqued

by santeewelding In reply to price gouging or what?

The task falls to me in my business to face a customer in person and set the amount.

I have practice. This practice does not include a customer setting the amount.

Pity that the circumstances, Jaqui, do not admit of you coming to me about amount.

I would teach you a thing or three...

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but Santee

by Jaqui In reply to I am piqued

if there was another shop that could offer EXACT same quality work and they were substantially cheaper.
wouldn't you like to know about it, to avoid losing business to them? :

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Thus, begins your lesson

by santeewelding In reply to but Santee

Exactitude with respect to quality of "work" and your word, "same", leaves you open to all manner of, "epistemological inroads", shall we say?

Further, your "if" presupposes "other -- or, perish the thought, better than God" in these matters.

Do I intimate well enough what goes into the machinations when I set price?

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"Thus, begins your lesson? "

by maxwell edison In reply to Thus, begins your lesson

What pompous phrick - presmues to give other people "a lesson".

Get over yourself, dude!

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