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price of a single print job

By Retallic ·
I have been trying to find out how much a single print job i.e one page in black and white would roughly work out as, haven't found anything to help with this...
any ideas?

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by GuruOfDos In reply to price of a single print j ...

Do you mean outsourcing, or trying to work out your in-house printing costs?

If in-house, this throws up a few interesting questions.

1) How much does it cost to run your printer?

Paper is easy, divide the price of a ream by 500 to get the price per sheet. Ink is not so easy...printer data is usually quoted as pages per minute but you find very little info on price per page.

A typical black and white text page has 9% ink and **% empty paper. Figures quoted for inkjets tend to use this reference to give the number of pages per cartridge/refil etc, but the figure varies wildly depending on page content.

If you go with this average, then divide the price of a toner or ink cartridge to get an ink price per (average) page. Add this to the paper price to give you a consumeable cost per page.

2) How much does it cost to RUN your printer?

Electricity, time, labour cost involved in printing the page....they can all be factored in. If you pay someone ?10 per hour to print pages, and they can churn them out at say 100 an hour then each page has a labour cost of ?0.10 per page.

Add these figures and then estimate a figure for electricity cost bassed on the power consumption of the printer. That will give you pretty close to a 'price per page'. If you are then selling this service commercially, add on a profit margin, say 10%.

The figures I have for cost per page in my company work out at 3.9p (6 US cents) for a single inkjet page and 0.4p (0.6 cents) for a lasered page. Obviously the laser is much cheaper to run. I can get photocopying done for 3p (5c) per page so using the inkjet, it is far cheaper if I'm doing a run to print one page then photocopy it!

Colour is a different story! I can print a 1200x1200 dpi colour inkjet print on glossy coated paper for about 40p (60c) a page, but my local print shop charge ?1 ($1.50) for a colour copy of an A4 page, so it's cheaper to print out multiple colour copies on the inkjet.

Someone has mooted the idea that all printers sold in Europe should have a legal requirement to state cost per page. I totally agree with this. It is possible to get a 1200x1200 dpi photo quality USB inkjet printer for under ?30 ($45) and it comes with cartridges....go out to buy refills and the black costs ?19 and the colour costs ?23...yet the printer and both costs ?29.99.
Cheaper to replace the whole printer than replace the cartridges! I have 11 Lexmark Z23's going begging if anyone is ink'll have to spend ?42 on new cartridges!!!! Alternatively, you can go to Asda (Walmart UK) and get a brand new one for ?26.49!

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