Primary Default SMTP address issue?

By brozanski99 ·
We currently are running Exchange 2013 and we have it configured to handle multiple domain email addresses. is the main domain and is set to the smtp reply address. We have other domains lets call them and and now we are rebranding the company to
I have added to the accepted domains successfully. Our spam filter company has added to their system. I have updated the Mx records for successfully. I can receive email into the mail server by sending to the original domain and to the new branding successfully also.

Now that all the background information is laid out, the following is my main problem. We have our Executive staff share their calendars with their personal admins. When I change the Default email reply address from the to the it seems to break the calendar sharing. I would rather not have to go around to each individual computer (Mac and PC) and reconfigure their Outlook.

Thanks in advance for any insight….
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primary smtp address

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Primary Default SMTP addr ...

The Primary Smtp Address element represents the primary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address of an account to be used for server-to-server authorization or delegate access.

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How do I set up a relay between my own servers??

by voltargomes303 In reply to primary smtp address

I'm running exim in cPanel 60, my problem is one of my VPS nodes has port 25 blocked upstream and I need to get around it. I have other VPS nodes at different locations that do not have port 25 blocked, so I'm wanting to set up an SMTP relay using "smart host" between my servers.

What do I need to know setup wise for the side receiving the outgoing email and ultimately sending it?

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