Primary Domain Controller Crash

By arthur.christy ·
I have 2 domain controllers run 2003 R2. Server A is the primary and B is my Backup. My primary domain controller, A, crashed. I ran NTDSUTIL command deleted the DC A which also promoted DC B to primary. I now have a new server that I would like to make primary. I need to DEmote DC B to backup and configure the new server as primary. I think I read an article where you can run dcpromo and just create a primary DC. Dcpromo will demote the current primary to backup and configure the new server as primary. But I am not sure. Everyone is talking about Administrative Tools/Server Manager. I have Configure Your Server, Manage Your Server. Neither one of these give me the steps that are in the article that I have read. Can some one please point me to correct procedure?


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Active Directory

by Churdoo In reply to Primary Domain Controller ...

technically does not use PDC's and BDC's any more; they are all DC's, and there are several "Roles," called FSMO Roles that each DC can hold. The PDC/BDC concept went out with NT 4.0.

You are just talking about Server 2003 R2 and not Small Business Server, right?

If NOT SBS, then you'll DCPROMO the new server to a DC, transfer the FSMO Roles to your new server, and make it a GC, this process essentially will make the new server what you're calling a PDC.

This article describes how to transfer the FSMO roles with the new 2003 GUI's:

Another article for the same thing in a little more plain language:

And for the Global Catalog:

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by arthur.christy In reply to Active Directory

That makes sense now. When the primary crashed I ran NTDSUTIL command to delete the primary and it siezed the roles at the end. I never had a controller crash so this is new territory for me.

I love forums!

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I have same problem

by vachev68 In reply to Primary Domain Controller ...

if You found some decision about that problem, please send me there in e-mail

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