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Primary Hard diver 0 failed

By acctjob_3125 ·
Hi all:

My laptop can?t boot normally. Must boot many times(it seems like when it is hot, it can boot it normally)

Here is the info:

Dell Inspiron 4150
Bios version A04
OS. XP professional

What I have done:
Because it can?t boot, I though it cause by virus. I did saw some virus when I used Norton to scan my PC. Don?t know when one day it can?t boot. Message: Primary Hard diver 0 failed. F1 to reboot, F2 to setup?. I used the utility software CD come with the notebook. It found nothing. All test past on the hard drive. In the Bios I saw the hard drive and there has not option like the desktop to reset to default Bios. I still doubt the virus may infect my pc & changed the Bios setting. Does anyone has any problem like this on Dell Notebook? And any suggestions. Thanks in advance

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by RCOM In reply to Primary Hard diver 0 fail ...

Try reseating the drive.

The drive may be failing so if the data is important to you get it off quickly. There are adapters that allow you to connect laptop hard drives into computers they are cheap. Do a google for laptop hard drive adapter and the firast one is only $7.00. Handle the drive very carefully don't rotate it around too much.

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by acctjob_3125 In reply to

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by NBP Backup In reply to Primary Hard diver 0 fail ...

I deal with Dells quite a bit. I'm a data recovery specialist and the problem you describe is fairly common. Your best course of action is as RCOM suggested: get your data off of the drive ASAP. Notebook hard drive access varies on Dells depending on the model; your's is probably located underneath the PCMCIA slot. Flip the NB over. You will see two screws on the bottom of the PCMCIA slot assembly. Unscrew them and pull the whole 'card' out. The drive will slide out. You will need to put the notebook on Channel 1 of a two channel IDE system, as it will default to the primary drive. Use an XP machine to transfer the data, and make sure to pay attention when the other PC boots up so that you don't end up accidentally runing a disk check. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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by acctjob_3125 In reply to

My NB still able to boot up after many ON & OFF. Soon as login, every runing as normal and I am able to take the ownership of the dadta drive and access without problem. My question is that I don't where the problems are. If the IDE hard drive fail, how can I boot up after many boots. Does anyone have the same problem on DELL notebook? I need help to get my machine boot normally. Thanks a lot in advance.

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by NBP Backup In reply to Primary Hard diver 0 fail ...

As I mentioned, I am a Data Recovery Specialist, I deal with these kinds of problems every day. A lot of my Dell clients didn't take these warning signs seriously until it was too late and their hard drive crashed. Some of them lost ALL of their data. In all probability your hard drive is failing. It is a common problem with Dells. If it is overheating, which you seem to indicate it is, the heat problem can actually hinder your ability to retrieve your data. You can continue to play around with it and, likely, end up losing your drive completely and all the data on it, or you can take the warning signs serisouly and get your data off now. I encourage you to be proactive. It is a lot less expensive and much less stress. When it DOES fail, Dell will of course offer to replace the drive, but you will lose all of your data; unless you act before then.

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by wlbowers In reply to Primary Hard diver 0 fail ...

Like it or not. Believe us or not.


Get the Laptop up and backup what ever data you do not want to loose.

Just the act of having to crash and restart multiple times will kill the os.

The people that respond to questions in this forum have years of dealing with clients that have said the exact same thing that you are telling us. Right up to the point they start asking for free drive recovery software.


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