primary hardrive doesnt boot secondary hardrive always 1st to boot

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i have a problem booting up my hardrive my secondary hardrive has a problem loading windows xp so i use it as another disk on the other computer which is working fine,i check all the bios setting if ok, i set the working hardrive on 1st boot, i also check that both hardrive is detected on bios but the problem is my defective hardrive is 1st to boot my hardisk both use IDE cable i do not have any problem using other hardisk before i also double check the jumper settings on the hardisk but the defective hardisk always booting up 1st. Is there anyone there have an idea how to solve this problem.

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You need to install the Defective HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to primary hardrive doesnt b ...

As either a Slave or on the Second IDE Channel.

If you have it set to CS Cable Select and it is on the Primary IDE Lead it should be in the middle but even that may allow it to become the Boot Drive. Ideally you should set it as Slave and place it on the second IDE Channel but even if you must place it on the primary IDE Lead you need it set to Slave and connected to the Middle Connector on the IDE Lead.


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Are you saying

by Jacky Howe In reply to primary hardrive doesnt b ...

that you are booting from the Secondary drive?

Set the Jumper settings on your Primary drive as Master and connect it to the end of the IDE cable that is connected

to IDE1.
Set the Jumper settings on your Secondary drive as Slave and connect it to the middle of the IDE cable that is

connected to IDE2.

When you have your Jumper settings and the drives connected properly try this.

Boot from your XP CD and press the first R to enter the Recovery Console.

At the recovery command prompt type in these commands pressing the Enter key after each one.


select disk 1

select partition 1


select disk 0

select partition 1


Now type

EXIT to exit the diskpart session

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