Print all Excel worksheets in color

By macreardon ·
In our company we have set the print server drivers for color printers to print in black and white (it is more economical that way).
That means when you need to print an Excel worksheet in color, you just need to change the printer properties in the Print windows and choose color as quality. That's ok, but when we choose to print the whole document in color, it is only the last selected worksheet which prints in color. In order to print all in color, we need to go in each and every worksheet and change the b/w to color settings.
We think that Excel takes the b/w info from the driver on the print server.
Does anybody know how to tell Excel to print all worksheets in color (it probably means accessing the driver) ?

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What happens if you select all sheets first?

by TG2 In reply to Print all Excel worksheet ...

what happens if you select all the worksheets first?

at the bottom left corner of excel you have a series of arrows to move to the first, previous,next, and last sheets.

go to the first sheet, click on it to select, then hit the button (arrow) to get the last sheet, hold down SHIFT, and click that last sheet's name.

Then go into file print.. and then set the color options..

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Same as before

by macreardon In reply to What happens if you selec ...

I did that test as well (even with brand-new Excel Workbook), but it didn't work. If you select all worksheets, the one which is highlighted in bold is the one which gets the color change in the driver properties. I even tested by creating a fictious printer (HP Color LaserJet 5M) on LPT1-port. If you set black&white as print options, it is only the bold highlighted worksheet which gets the color setting. The reverse is quite true as well : if you leave the printer as color, if you want to print the whole workbook in b&w, only the first selected worksheet will be in b&w, the others in color...

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I have this exact problem as well

by justins In reply to Print all Excel worksheet ...

Has anybody found a solution for this? The only thing I can think of is to setup an additional printer that is defaulted to color and select that printer. I am not 100% sure that will work but I think it might.

If anybody has a fix for this, that would be highly appreciated. Thank you.


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Change Print Settings for Multipule Worksheets

by Dean.Brown In reply to Print all Excel worksheet ...

You can select more than one worksheet at a time by useing the ctrl or Shift key. Then got to File, Page Setup, to manage the color Properties.

But this didn't fix my Print Preview issue. All my print previews are in black and white for some sheets only. Must be another property that is hidden.

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Solution color problem

by BartEvers In reply to Change Print Settings for ...

Hi, I have looked and tried a lot and I found out that the problem is within the PCL dirver. I had the PCL 6 driver installed on the print server.

With the PS driver it was printed all in color.

I opened a case with HP so that they fix that bug.


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Solution (maybe)

Im facing the same problem.
I founded this in another forum ... try it...


Select all worksheet to set to BW
Go into page setup --> Sheet --> check black and white.
now print all wokbook on a color printer.
Only selected workbook will be printed as black and white.
I hope it help

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Add Printer Setting

by benliaw In reply to Print all Excel worksheet ...

What I did in my company is to create two different printers for the same printer. In your situation, I would create one called Printer (C) and another called Printer (B). If I want to print in color, then I sent to Printer (C) and if I want to print in just black, I would sent it to Printer (B).

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Reponse To Answer

by bensaved In reply to Add Printer Setting

Necrobump, I know, but this problem is still there. I have two customers who are having this issue now, and need a solution. Though interesting, the above workaround is much less than ideal for them. Does anyone know how to set the print setting for the entire workbook at print time?

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