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    Print directory listing


    by vhart ·

    Can someone advise on how to print the contents of a directory from Windows (XP) Explorer? Or is there a way to copy it into a Word or Excel document?

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      Print directory listing

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Print directory listing

      Using the print screen key will save a graphic image of what’s on the screen to the desktop.

      You can then paste the image into any program that accepts graphics.

      Alternately, there are a number of ‘free-ware’ utilities that allow for printing folder contents.

      Search the Disk Catalog section at

      There are several utilities posted there that will create a printable list of the files in a folder.

      Another alternate, is Z-Tree from
      This is the latest iteration of the DOS X-Tree program that many people used years ago.


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      Print directory listing

      by maelgwyn ·

      In reply to Print directory listing

      Ok, there is another method if you are after just the directory listing…

      goto Start -> Run

      Type CMD (then press enter)

      Up will come the command prompt

      Now, navigate to the directory bu using CD\*Add directory(s) here*

      Now, once there, type DIR > PRN (or even DIR > dir.txt) That will either capture the directory listing and pipe it to the PRN (Printer). If it doesnt work, use the latter command, for it will make a text file, which can be the opened with notepad and printed thatway.

      Hope this helps


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      Print directory listing

      by dklippert ·

      In reply to Print directory listing

      See if this helps:

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      Print directory listing

      by vhart ·

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