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Print error (network)

By gmoe13 ·
This is a HP LaserJet 5Si printer that only one system with one user profile is experiencing a problem.
I am assisting the user remoting, so I'm unable to physically see things, but I can log on the system and install the network printer and print a test page. The user is unable to add the printer to her system profile, so I created a new profile but the printer connection failed again.
The user can log on any other system and add the printer under her profile and print, other user can add the printer and print as well.
Any solutions.
Error reads: Printer Properties - Test page fail to print. Would you like to troubleshoot for assistance?

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by swiley In reply to Print error (network)

This sounds like a rights issue to the machine. I will assume that this is an XP machine, check that the user id has ?rights? to add a device. You want to try and add the user id to the machine?s Power User Group.

Hope this is of help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Print error (network)

yes, sounds like if you compared local account for that user on this problem machine and another non-problem machine you might find the answer.
meanwhile, how about a cheat. since you can get into machine, you logon and add printer again but make it *local* printer. do not try to print test page since it will fail. then to into properties of new local printer and change port connection to the network port created when you installed network printer before. local printers should be available to all users. unless something is wacky with profile but seems to me you ruled that out with new test profile...

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by gmoe13 In reply to Print error (network)

I found that the drivers where not being installed from the network but was installing from the local machine, so I pointed to a different server and loaded the exact printer with in turn loaded the updated drivers. I then was able to re-install the correct network printer for the user which had the updated drivers on her machine now.

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by gmoe13 In reply to Print error (network)

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