Print jobs hang Windows 2003 Server

By ncurley ·
I have this problem where random print jobs will get stuck in the queue. There are no error messages anywhere. To get jobs to print, I restart the spooler on the print server, and all jobs run through. Print Server is Windows 2003 SP2

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Print jobs hang Windows 2 ...

From my experience, the print job has something that the driver doesn't like. Perhaps you can try a more native driver, port, or universal driver.

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need more clues.

by sgt_shultz In reply to Print jobs hang Windows 2 ...

is this Small Business Server? what printer(s)? what drivers for them? using printer clustering? what other software is installed on the box? plenty of free, defragged hd space, yes? all ram showing, yes?
if it were me, i'd go to and search under Windows Server 2003 using 'spool hang' or 'spooler crash' or even the printer model, and skim thru the first few articles or any that look relevant.
That'll get you an idea of what might be happening. Then go to the event viewer on the 2003 server and see if any clues there. then go back to microsoft support and research with the new clues. also head to the printer mfg's websites and examine all the drivers, firmware and patches available for the printers.

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Check disk space

by ugadata In reply to Print jobs hang Windows 2 ...

Have you checked your free space for drive C If your anywhere close to running out you may want to move your temporary spool files to another drive (preferably a different physical drive for better performance).

To move the temp. spool files location:

Create the folder where you want to relocate the temp spool files to.

Open Printer and Faxes,
go to the FILE menu and choose Server Properties
Then choose the ADVANCED tab.
You should see a box to enter the path to the already existing folder for the temp spool files.

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Print Server hangs


The print server (Windows 2000 with 150 printers) hang weekly once or may be 10 days once. Hard reboot will solve the issue; there is no error on event viewer; please let me know the solutioon for this.It a produsction server So i need to solve this issue soon;

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I'm having the same issue also....

by xesse In reply to Print Server hangs

Windows 2003 Server Standard Ed R2 SP2. 87 printers total, mix of HP, Xerox, Oce, Brother printers. No errors in system log and restart of the print spooler or reboot always fixes the issue. any ideas???

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Possible solution

by lmander56 In reply to I'm having the same issue ...

Had issue where could not print to the network printer. Job would hang at server, would have to stop print spool service then open the printer/fax window and everything would print.
To solve the problem went to workstation, open printer/fax held shift key as clicked on printer. Clicked on run as, open, checked this user put in domain name\Administrator and password. All is working fine.

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