Print jobs sent to wrong printer

By ckerr87 ·
I have a Epson DFX-5000+ attached to a local compaq presario and shared over the company's small LAN. I also have a Toshiba 452 that is networked directly on a netgear switch. The Compaq has a ip address of and the Toshiba has a ip address of We use accounting software made by Epcior called Vantage. Sometimes when we sent a print job from vantage to the DFX it will print on the Toshiba. If you log out and log back into vantage it prints just fine. My question is whether this is a network problem (maybe the IP address are too similiar) or a software problem. Epicor claims it is not their software.

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Have you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Print jobs sent to wrong ...

checked the default printer settings on the profile? I would be looking at a Print Server for the Epson they arn't that expensive.

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by ckerr87 In reply to Have you

Do you mean the profile of the client computer. Neither the Toshiba or the Epson are considered the default....the default is a local printer attached to her computer. I also went to the report itself in crystal reports and made the Epson the default printer. I didn't think there was a difference between a Compaq acting as a print server and a smaller print server.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to client

normally set the default printer to the network printer. The local printer can be easily picked up. When you say that neither are default how are you mapping them? On a Domain there is a lot of difference between a Print Server and hanging it off a PC.

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by ckerr87 In reply to I

We do not have a domain we are just all networked to a file server(a regular computer with Server 2000) and printers. I can also set it so that each computer can see another computers shared documents. I map the Toshiba by putting in the disk that came with it and typing in it's IP address when the computer asks for it. I map the Epson by going into my network places/network computers then finding the printer hanging off that computer. We are all using Windows XP, though I don't know that great detail about networks I know more than everyone else so I have been assigned "IT" guy though I am not an expert by any means.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Domain

that i can suggest is that the user set the default printer before printing. That way it should print to the right device. Another alternative is to adapt this batch file to run when the user logs on to the PC. It will set the default printer for them. You will need the file con2prt.exe installed on each workstation. It can be found on the resource kit CD. Create a batch file to run on startup. EG:

con2prt /f

con2prt /cd \\"severname"\"printer share name" Black
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Colour
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Poster

Below this line is the Help File.
CON2PRT: Lets the user disconnect all existing connections to Windows NT printers and connect to newly specified Windows NT printers.Usage: CON2PRT [ /? | /h | /f | [/c \\printserver\share | /cd \\printserver\share]+] where: /? - displays usage. /h - displays usage. /f - deletes all existing printer connections. /c - connects to \\printserver\share printer. /cd - connects to \\printserver\share printer and sets it as the default printer. NOTE: /?, /h can only be the first parameter and if specified further interpretation of the command line is stopped. /f can also only be the first parameter, however it doesn't stop further interpretation of the command line. Any number of /c and /cd parameters can be specified however only the first /cd sets the printer specified as the default.Hint: Use --Net View \\printserver-- to determine available print shares.

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