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    Print Jobs Stuck


    by 2support ·

    I have never come across this particular problem before.
    We have several users who are attached to multiple printers in our network.
    One is a HP4100 with a built in NIC, the other is a HP1200 served off of a Jet Direct card (JetDirect 175X).
    When a single user prints to the 1200, the print job gets stuck in the spooler for the 4100 and re-prints everytime the originating PC boots to Windows (W2K & XP)
    I have tried removing and re-installing printers. This will clear the problem for that user, but then it pops up for another random user, under the same conditions, but only under those conditions. (ie – users not connected to those two particular printers Do Not experience the problem)
    We run W2k3 SBS, with both w2k (sp4) and XP (sp2) clients.
    Both printers are “shared” across the network by IP address.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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      by 2support ·

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      the driver is crashing the print spooler

      by sgt_shultz ·

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      sounds like the 1200 driver is setup on the 4100 or whatever. delete all the printer drivers on the offending pc and reinstall them making sure they ‘point’ to the correct printer.
      next time this happens, stop and restart the printer spool service instead of rebooting

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        Been there, done that

        by 2support ·

        In reply to the driver is crashing the print spooler

        I have tried this already.
        I have verified the IP address’ of each printer several times over. I have deleted and re-installed both printers. This WILL clear the problem but the hang up is, everytime that I clear the spooler it comes back… if not on that PC/User, then on another.
        I personally believe that a stuck/recurring job, once cleared, is created again by the first/next user (who meets the 4100/1200 mapping) who prints.
        Right now the problem seems to float between 3 users, we clear it from one it pops up on another…

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          i guess your just sol then

          by sgt_shultz ·

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          too bad you couldn’t be bothered to let us know what you’ve tried. I can’t be bothered to think about your problem for free anymore. good luck. you sound smart enough to figure it out all by yourself

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          Why the personal attack??

          by 2support ·

          In reply to i guess your just sol then

          I guess maybe I did miss something.
          Somewhere in all of that I seem to have somehow offended you. I have even re-written this reply several times so that I didn’t sink to your same level…
          I understand that your professional time is valuable, so is mine. I do appreciate the time that you did invest, but please, in the future, let any of my posts go by.
          With your attitude I do not need your kind of assistance.

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          I wouldn’t waste time over this member’s response!

          by reged ·

          In reply to Why the personal attack??

          Good luck!

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          Totally agree= Let it go and wait for help from someonelse

          by mysuitelife2 ·

          In reply to Why the personal attack??

          Some people have bad days, and some are just short wired. I wouldn’t waste sleep over his response; just wait for someone else to help. There are many others on TR that are helpful and professional. You may, however, want to consider posting everything you’ve already done to solve the problem though, so those reading have a complete picture of what the issue is, and what you’ve already tried. Not saying his tone was appropriate at all, but having a full picture of the issue will avoid people giving advise that you’ve already tried. Good luck!!!

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          by 2support ·

          In reply to Totally agree= Let it go and wait for help from someonelse

          I agree, it’s one of those items, I guess, where there are so many things running through your head when your trying to describe the problem for the post that you think that you’ve commented on all items, and you’ve missed something really obvious.
          This particular problem is driving me to distraction – I’ve tried so many things and it just keeps coming back, sometimes right away, sometimes days/weeks later.

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      Re: Print Jobs Stuck

      by Anonymous ·

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      Why not network the “HP1200” to one of your computers and get all your other computers to point to this on the network, and get rid of the “jet direct” card because it seams there is a conflict with it with your Hp4100. If people want to print all they need to do is select which printer to use then print the docs. Simple if you know how. I have have three printers (canon and two Epson) and they work perfectly (except when they run out of paper, then i have to run and fill them up).
      I hope this works for you.

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        Trying it…

        by 2support ·

        In reply to Re: Print Jobs Stuck

        You know, this might be a good option. I have been so intent on getting the printers to work as they are intended, via IP address, that I may have overlooked a much simpler solution.
        I’ll give it a try.

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