Print JPEG on more than one page

By Fry100 ·
I'm saving webpages as JPEG files using IE Screenshot Pro (although they could be TIF, GIF, BMP - any of the usual formats) and when I print these images, they always print on one page. For longer webpages, this means that the image is squashed up and unreadable. Does anybody know of software which allows you to specify page breaks in documents saved as images?

I've tried converting to PDF and Word, but without any joy.

Please help,

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panorama stitching software

by sgt_shultz In reply to Print JPEG on more than o ...

I saw several tasty looking entries at searched for 'panorama stitching'

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The tool I use for that is SnagIt

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Print JPEG on more than o ...

SnagIt can span a web page capture over several pages.

By default, it will also try to squeeze a long page on to just one 8x11 sheet. But, if you go into Page Setup first, you can select 'Fit to Width' which will force it to use more than one piece of paper.

You may want to try this with your capture program. Try changing settings in the Page Setup section. It's usually available in the File menu.
It is also something you can try using an image in Word.

Adjusting 'Image Position' and 'Paper Margin Settings', if available, can also help.

SnagIt is shareware with a free download trial available.

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Silly Question

by TheChas In reply to Print JPEG on more than o ...

I have a silly question, why not just use the print function in IE or better yet, Firefox.

Save the web pages as web pages and print them from the browser.
They will usually take up less space stored as web pages. And, the browser will take care of pagination for you.

Or, use just about any image editor to edit the screen captures into multiple files.


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Solved - Snag It is the answer

by Fry100 In reply to Print JPEG on more than o ...

Not a silly question. We want to save all web files but only print some, so we need software which allows us to reprint in its original format (ie, across x pages). We can't merely save the IE page in the first instance because it's on a secure server.

SnagIt has solved the problem.
Thanks guys.

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