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By carlos ·
I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I am trying to find a product or method to allow my users to print to an intermediate print queue, location or holding area rather than immediatley to the printer. This will allow them, when ready, to release or send all those prints to the networked printer with a simple one-touch operation. We can do this via the multifunction copiers but would prefer to find a method to release it from the desktop. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes Simple

by Michael Jay In reply to Print management

On the workstation under printers just select the printer you want to hold print on and select Pause Printing. This will hold the print from this workstation till it is unpaused.

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Go Print is an option

by faradhi In reply to Print management

I evaluated it along with some other print management systems when I worked for a college a few years back.
GoPrint was the one I liked best. I was very user friendly to the end user and would interface with Active Directory. It was also the least expensive if memory serves.

There are a few others that I evaluated. However, the reduction in printing costs did not pay for the cost of the system. So your printing cost will really have to be high to justify one of these systems. You will see these systems in most large libraries so that is where I suggest you start.

I hope this helps

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Thanks guys

by carlos In reply to Print management

Although I will continue to look for a better solution I think that it will likely end with us using the simple printer pause option.

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