Print multiple labels of the same record based on value of a record field.

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Access2007 - how to print multiple labels based on a record value.

I am using Access2007 - I have a database for a flat accommodation
I have a number of records which I need to print. No problem, however I need to print the same record multiple times depending on a record field value.
1 - A table (called:- tabbooking) have all the records (name; numberofpersons; arrival; numberofnights)
2 - A have another table (called:- tabmeals) that information is inserted via a query file on particular arrival date request;
3 - A query (called:- qrymeals) file which reads details from the tabbooking via a request from record arrival and the result is inserted in the file tabmeals;
4 - a report (called:- repmeals) file that reads and prints the information from the table tabmeals
So far so good. As I wish to print a report depending on the value given in the record field value "numberofnights" multiple times how to I go about it? The purpose of creating the second table tabmeals is I am sure somehow the same record can be inputted multiple times but I have no idea how.

Name:- Ransley; numberofpersons:- 2; arrival:- 1/feb/16; numberofnights:- 6;
Name:- Jackson; numberofpersons:- 1; arrival:- 1/feb/16; numberofnights:- 14;

So I need to print ransley for 6 times and Jackson for 14 times.

Can anybody be kind enough to fix it for me. I have little knowledge of access BUT I do know that may be a code in VBA via [Event Procedure] should do the trick.
Thanks Philip

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