Print-out was garbled from specific user using outlook 2003

By vashz ·
I am a tech support from a company in Philippines.I have one user experiencing problem to her print out in outlook 2003, She's using Vista as OS. Everytime she prints an email coming from her supervisor the print-out always turns garbled but she can print normally from any email accounts except her supervisor. If I copy the email from her supervisor's email in MS word the print out still turns garbled. Any idea that can help me regarding this problem? Please reply.. Thanks

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Posting multiple times with the same question doesn't do you any good......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Print-out was garbled fro ...
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where's the solution?

by vashz In reply to Posting multiple times wi ...

Sorry for posting multiple question, it's my first time posting a question, but can anyone advice regarding my problem, thanks..

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by Danny_teal In reply to where's the solution?

have your tried updating the drivers for the printer? ive had that before where things turn out garbled. update the drive and it prints perfectly...
if this helps give me a thumbs up

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already tried it

by vashz In reply to drivers

I already update printer driver but seems that its not a printer problem, the user can print normally if she prints an email coming from anyone but what's the problem really is that if she prints an email from her supervisor thats the time the print out will be garbled. I really cant think of any other solution, why did the print out turns that way if its from the email of her supervisor? can anyone think of way how to fix this? thanks in advance.. and thanks for your response....

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by vashz In reply to Print-out was garbled fro ...

did anyone experienced this problem before?

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do you

by Danny_teal In reply to did

have another printer you could try printing to?

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by vashz In reply to do you

yes, and I tried printing to another printer but the print-out didnt changed.Any other solution? thanks

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Long shot

by Jacky Howe In reply to Print-out was garbled fro ...

but could it be a spam filter causing problems. Have you checked the Systems for Malware/SpyWare and Virus problems in Safe Mode.

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not tried

by vashz In reply to Long shot

I havnt tried checking for malware since the user is too busy and since its a laptop that she carry after office hours I cant diagnose her laptop, but do you think its a malware/spyware problem? Whats really the connection in printing a mail from one specific user only? this problem really is annoying..

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You are going

by Jacky Howe In reply to not tried

to have to look at that Notebook as it appears to be the source of the problem. Check Thummy's and ugadatas posts and let us know the outcome.

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