Print over network Doc shows 0 (zero) K

By mellow52 ·
I have a printer connected to a network machine via USB. It is set to share and all other computers on the network prints to it just fine.

We have one VPN client that sees the shared printer but when you try to print to it the file goes to the printer cue but never prints. When I took a closer look I saw the file in the cue is 0K (zero K)

Any I ideas?

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by Bapster In reply to Print over network Doc sh ...

does the VPN user/computer connect to the printer? Does he browse the machine (serving printer) by name or IP address? I would have the VPN user connect, then browse the IP address of the print-server computer (start-run then //print-server-ip-address/ ) and then when the shared printer shows up, right click and then click connect to it, then do a test print.

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by mellow52 In reply to How

I was wrong when I said that any computer on the local network would print to it. So it is not just the VPN machine.

All computers (on local lan / domain)pick it up as a shared printer but when you print to it nothing happens. It just sits in the cue and when I right click on its properties in the cue I see that it is 0 K.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Update

no PC is able to print to this printer? Have you restarted the print spooler or rebooted yet?

For the VPN person, have him map by IP...

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by Bapster In reply to So....

Make sure the group EVERYONE has access to the printer (share properties)

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Done That

by mellow52 In reply to access

I did all that and still no go. I ordered a print server to give the printer its own IP.

Thanks for the help.

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