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Print over RDP is not working

By naufalpa21 ·
I have terminal server with win2003 installed. When I connect to server usinng RDP, local printer is not mapped in server, I am using USB Printer and a Network Printer. Help me please

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Good question....

by wearearewe In reply to Print over RDP is not wor ...

To my knowledge, I have never been able to do this and assumed it was a security breach of some sort to be mapping remote devices of any kind to the terminal server. I can imagine there is a policy to override this however, I am not aware of it.

I'll be watching this thread for others responses.

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RDP / Term Server Printing Tutorial (I hope)

by Churdoo In reply to Print over RDP is not wor ...

There is a ton of material on this -- well essentially because it can be a pain in the a$$, but I'll try to give a reader's digest version.

To be able to print from RDP/Term Services, first, the print driver for your local printer needs to be installed on the term server. This does not mean run the add printer wizard on the term server and have a phony LPT1 printer -- avoid this if at all possible cuz the printers on the term server can become cluttered real fast anyway ... rather, on the term server, open the printers folder and click File / Server Properties / Drivers tab / and here is where you add drivers to the term server without the printers folder becoming more cluttered than it has to with phony printers.

Be sure to install the same type and version driver as is installed on the client workstation(s). Don't mix PCL versions, i.e. if PCL 5e drivers are installed at the clients, install PCL 5e at the server, or PCL6/PCL6.

There was a post about security settings. Yes local printer mapping can be turned OFF at the term server configuration. By default however, local print mapping is turned on, and generally is desired functionality so it's "generally" left on; the only place I've seen local print mapping turned off is where the term server already has a compliment of network printers installed and available to the users.

Some common pitfalls:
1) all-in-one printers. These are not term server friendly. Oftentimes you need to install a basic print-only driver and sometimes for a completely different albeit compatible model, on the term server AND on the client. See this article of HP all-in-ones and equivalent drivers
The article is titled for Citrix Presentation Server but I've found it pretty much applies to Term Services as well.

2) local USB and IP printers. Some older RDP clients would only map local printers connected to the common "DOS" devices COMx: and LPTy: local printers, so local USB and/or IP printers would not map. If you have an early version of XP or earlier, then this may apply to you.

There are 2 ways you can address this:
a) go to windows update and update your RDP client from the Optional Software section, or if like me, you don't like that version,
b) If your term server is Server 2003 or higher, it has a more updated RDP client install package on the server in %systemroot%/system32/clients/tsclient. If you have access to the server or its administrator, copy the install package or have it copied to someplace you can get to it, and install the package on your local client.

Hope this helps

edited: not verbose enough, kidding!, clarification :-)

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RDP Printing

by cricure In reply to Print over RDP is not wor ...

best is to use comercial solution, like tricerat(Profesional and very expensive), and TSPrint less options but very good solutions for small buisiness.

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