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print PDF417 barcodes on AIX/UniVerse system

By shiny_topadm ·
Hi to all,
We're looking for help and guidance from anyone with experience in this area. We have a UniVerse database on AIX 5.2 and we need to print 2-dimensional barcodes (specifically PDF417). Our system is totally text-based, although we do output to laser printers with PCL 'data'. I've searched and found vendors of software, but I'd really like to speak to someone who has done this. Suggestions?

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We do this for order info

by Dr Dij In reply to print PDF417 barcodes on ...

we add this to orders printed from an ERP system on sco unix. use the system.
I call this, it adds the 2d barcode with info I send to the std out to the printer, and returns to my program where I process the next order.

I can send you examples of the unix parts if you need. It's been reliable. We use this to put shipping info on the order that is scanned at the UPS / DHL / FDX station, a short memory resident pgm reads this into the correct fields. Now on some we don't need the memory resident stuff and UPS reads it in directly (with custom change on their end).

This save scads of typing of address, other shipment info, including how to ship it, etc. into the ship station. And unlike a odbc link, no network link needs to be hooked up all the time.

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