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print prefs keep defaulting to landscape

By degnan ·
Everytime one user tries to print something, Windows keeps defaulting their printing preferences to Landscape, even though they kept changing it back to Portrait. It is not application specific. They are running Windows XP and are trying to print to an HP8100DN. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm stumped.

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by dryflies In reply to print prefs keep defaulti ...

open the printers dialog in settings and then open the printer (by name). Then, select "printing preferences" from the "printer" menu. while the preferences dialog is different for each printer manufacturer and sometimes for each printer, for my deskjet the setup menu has a selection for portrait and landscape. select portrait. The Apply button that was greyed out should now be fully colored. select it, then click OK. This should change your default orientation to portraight for that computer until someone comes through and changes it back. The reverting back could be another user, or even a spyware/adware.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to print prefs keep defaulti ...


I have recently installed a HP4650dn and have had to set the driver up for each user. I discovered there are three locations that I have to check to make sure the defaults I want stay in place. Firstly you need to be logged on with admin rights. Next open the driver (I will describe mine as I am not familiar with yours), and click 'Printing Prefences' on the General tab, set the orientation, then save it as a Quick Set.

Next, click the Advanced tab, and click 'Printing defaults' and apply the quick set you previously saved. The 3rd place is the Device Settings tab - but this normally specifies paper type and default trays to use.

Unless I visit all three of these places I find that users applications print on the wrong orientation, to the wrong tray or ask for the wrong paper.

I hope this helps you

Good luck

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