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By esharper ·
I once read an article here about being able to use the print screen button on a laptop but nothing seems to work. Any advice as I use this feature a lot and pulling up snag it each time can be a pain.

Thank you,

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by TheChas In reply to Print screen button

Back in the days of DOS, the print screen button directly printed the lines of text on the screen to a printer. In Windows, the Print Screen Button (Shift Prnt Scrn) copies the image on the screen at that instant to the clipboard.

To retrieve the captured image, open Paint, or any other image editor, and use the paste command. (Ctrl V)

Save the screen image as a graphics image file, or print it out as needed.


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by rkuhn In reply to Print screen button

I have an old copy of JasCapture which expands upon the old print screen features and it is 100% free, no strings attached.

About 400k program.

Email me if interested.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Print screen button

In addition on TheChas's answer, if you use ALT+PrtScr combination you can copy the active window's image. It's very useful for making documentation, or software descriptions.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Print screen button

There are also programs like Gadwin Print Screen which saves an image of the current screen to a file. Available at


But Chas answer is the better option.


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by esharper In reply to Print screen button

These are all good comments and I do use snag it, I am not saying its a bad program. I do like on my desktop PC the print button and paste right into an email on word or what ever class material I am putting together,quick and easy you know. So there is just no way to set this button up for the same use?


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by robo_dev In reply to Print screen button


I use 'printNow' from our friends at PC magazine.

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by Kiltie In reply to Print screen button

I tried several utilities, bast of the bunch, which was free, was FastStone Capture from

It can take screenshots of

* Full Screen
* Active Window
(these two similar to the Print Screen key and ALT/Print Screen)
* Captue Window/Object
* Capture Rectangular region (one you can choose yourself)
* Capture Freehand (any shape polygon you draw on the screen)
* Capture a Scrolling Window (I REALLY LOVE this one, it even gets what you can't see on the screen!!)
* a Screen Magnifier

A red line outlines what you are about to select, before you actually do, so that you KNOW what you are selecting, which isn't the case necessarily with the normal Print Screen key useage.

It has it's own image editor program too, for processing the image before putting it whereever you want (usually a file for safe keeping)

Most of these options have hot keys as well, using various combinations of ALT/CTRL/SHIFT and PRINT SCREEN keys

It is possible just what you are looking for

and it's FREE for home use

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