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By satmar70 ·
hi i have a very serious question which i would like to ask; my question
is is there a way that i can print out just a selection of a page? for
instance lets say i would use Microsoft word to write a letter to
someone on a special antique paper, and after i have finished
printing i just realized that i have forgotten something and i want to
add it to my letter now here is the problem: i don't have another
antique paper so my only option is to add my message on the screen and
then selecting "print selection" so only the text added to my letter
will print, so now what i want is, that it shall print out exactly
where i have added the text on my screen but when i go into the
printing menu and selecting "print selection" it will print on the top
of the page which i don't want it shall happen what i do want is it
shall print exactly on that specific line. where i have added the text
so my question is how would i maneuver that it shall print out right
where it i was suppose to print out and not on top of the page..? please help>>

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