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print sent emails automatically

By misscrf ·
Don't ask, and I won't either. A user wants to print all messages that are sent from her Outlook, automatically.

Is there a way to do this? I was trying to set a rule, but don't see how.

Any help would be appreciated.

ps Outlook 2002 on Exchange 2000 server.

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by Oz_Media In reply to print sent emails automat ...

NO answer sory, but I had to laugh!

I have a client who's wife (the controller) does the same thing. HERE's the best one though.

I sent her an email, she printed it. Wrote a reply on it and then FAXED it back to me!

This is also a controller who sees no problem in reusing faxes and dead printouts, no concern for the hardware, just savign a penny or two on a piece of paper. Then she rits all email, and FAXES the replies back (USING MORE PAPER ON MY END, which they supply of course).

Thanks for the reminder though, I needed a smile today!

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by misscrf In reply to

Yeah, I think she is printing them for a higher up who can't even sign in to their computer. So big and yet so helpless.

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by JimKlallsoo In reply to print sent emails automat ...

Provided the user always uses the same PC this can be achieved by running a macro.

Open Outlook and select Tools > Macro > Macros
Then give your macro a name. The project/macro name can't contain spaces.

To edit the Macro and insert the code, simply do the same again Tools > Macro > Macros and edit the macro or alternately open the Visual Basic Editor and do so from there.

Sorry Misscrf but i am no prgramming GURU so i wasn't able to create a Macro for you.
If i was trying to achieve the same task you are i would definetly be looking at doing it via a Macro though.


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by misscrf In reply to

Thanks, this is the closest answer we came up with, and we don't want to get into the habit of creating macros for each users customized requests. Good thought though. It probably is the best answer, besides buying software, which I have seen, that can do this.

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by SimY In reply to print sent emails automat ...

Use the rule wizard - start with a blank rule that checks messages when they arrive. Do not check any conditions as you want the rule to apply to all emails. Select "print it" as the action to take. All new messages will be printed to the default printer.

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by misscrf In reply to

Sorry, this is so close. Problem is that I need them to print SENT messages, not received. Nice try though

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by misscrf In reply to print sent emails automat ...

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