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Print Serevr plays Hide & Seek?????

By Novce4Life ·
Hi there,

OK, On my local network we have a print server XP Media Edition (SP2) workstation with a HP Lasser Jet connected to it....

Recently, Two other workstations within our LAN that can't print to it.

The first PC ( XP Pro SP1) can connect and install this printer but when it prints within a flsh two messages pop up from the printer 1) Paused 2) Spooling and then the print dosen't get printed and there are no jobs in the que.... but that happens when on that individual user's loggon, but my log on (not administrator) has no problem printing.

Then now the Second PC ( NT ) can't see nothing in the Print Server's printer folder using her logon, so this case there is no printer to connect to, but with my log on the printer is present and i could connect and print.....

What has this #@%#@%^#$^& got to be this time? Any Help Out There?

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by SamTheDon In reply to Print Serevr plays Hide & ...


for ur first pc,when u fire the print,it should be saying that the printing is spooling.u have to click on the task and say "resume printing",the spooling is becaz the task is paused.try re-installing over the network with the appropriate should work.

Is the printer connected to the machine which has printing this is so,the nt machine has to be given permission for printing in the security tab of the print server tab properties.
The particular user has to be added to the print group.....
Try this,it will work...


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by Novce4Life In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to Print Serevr plays Hide & ...

this a workgroup?

if it is, there are some basic general rules for sharing resources in a workgroup.
A: all must be members of the same workgroup [and not the default install workgroup. you have to make one and join each computer to it]
B: user accounts must be on all computers within the workgroup that the user will access
C: you have to share the resource and have at a minimum the everyone group have access to the share
all comps have to be on the same subnet

not to assume anything but file and printer sharing has to be installed and if there are pre W2K/XP machines in the workgroup, NetBIOS over TCP/IP has to be run.

if you have all that taken care of, let us know and we can go from there.

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by CG IT In reply to

XP media edition as a printer server???

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by Novce4Life In reply to

Thank you all for helping me out on this ....
IT WORKS, i uninstalled the printer on the printserver the re-installed it again and so forght to the other problem workstations and i have no more errrors?
Thank you many times.....

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by Novce4Life In reply to Print Serevr plays Hide & ...

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