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Print Server - Internal vs External

By ehood ·
Other than not having a piece of hardware laying around, what is the advantage of using an internal print server vs an external print server? Is the internal faster?

At this time speed is our only concern. We already have 10/100 external units, but will be purchasing a new printer soon. Will the externl units slow down printing?

Embry Hood

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by RCOM In reply to Print Server - Internal v ...

Most newer printers come with built in nics. that's going to be better for you. Unless the internal nic is physically slower less connections will have better performance.

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by Choppit In reply to Print Server - Internal v ...

It really depends on the type of kit you're trying to interface. I'd always prefer not to use third party external units.

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by Poettone In reply to Print Server - Internal v ...

I disagree with the last comments.. Your typical external print servers are normally FASTER..

This is in part due to its standalone processing of print jobs..

If you get an internal card to print from then it will rely more on the unit for processing power..

Now granted you can get some pretty cheesy print servers with low memory and job spooling capabilties, so choose a higher end unit..

If as you stated "speed is your only concern", then definetly without question go with an external print server.

Now all this is with the understanding that when you say "internal print server", you mean one that you install on you computer.

If you mean internal/native to the printer or built in then they are usually fine, but still rely on a printer/its memory/its boards to perform work.. Food for thought..

Good Luck

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by LiamE In reply to Print Server - Internal v ...

I think the speed issue is moot.

What is far more important is the support of these items. With internal print servers they get rebooted every time the printer does - and its a very simple job to talk a user through turning a printer off and back on over the phone.

Now try and talk a user through resetting an external print server.... not quite so easy when there are often several in a small area and they are in a jungle of wiring and you cant remember what make it was and the user can only tell you what colour the boxes are etc etc...

You will get less support calls on the internals, and those calls will be that bit simpler.

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