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    print servers


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    Hi, what do print servers usually look like? I recently worked a contract doing some server migrations. At some sites, the servers were in a 7-foot rack. Some were blade and some were rack servers running Centos Linux with several hard drives. I believe they were file servers. I basically followed the instructions of the roll out center that I called when it came to the migration. I think there was a time when a print server was just a card built into the printer. I know on versions of windows server you have options to configure printer servers, so I’m assuming print servers on an active directory network would look just a regular server pc with the windows server operating system.

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      Re: print server

      by kees_b ·

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      That’s a computer programmed to handle spool requests from the network. Like a webserver is programmed to run a website and a file server is programmed to share files.
      Nothing mysterious. Just an OS with the right applications running.

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      Haven’t seen such in years. Here’s why.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Most printers today can serve many users without the need for a dedicated print server.

      Even on Windows Server, about all you do is alter the user profile to use the printer on their floor.

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      thank you

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