Print Spooler Deleted Items wont delete?

By slimmswitch ·

I have a Windows 2003 server actining as a print server , hosting about 11 Printers.

I have 1 particular printer a HP 2300 when printing to it, prints fine.
But it does not remove the job? It just gets stuck on Deleting - Printed and nothing happens. And sometimes old print jobs start printing? No other printer has this issue. I can stop the service and delete the temp files manually and it obvisouly goes away.

Does anyone know why or how i can get the spooler files for this printer to go away on it's own.
I've confirmed that there is no check mark on keep printed copies.?

Please let me know

I did notice when ever i go to check the properties for this printer, it takes a while to come up (60sec)

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by Fred123456 In reply to Print Spooler Deleted It ...

Did you try deleting and recreating the print que?

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by slimmswitch In reply to Printer

I just deleted the stock spooler files.

As it's only 1 printer having the issue

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by Bizzo In reply to Print Spooler Deleted It ...

I'd probably suggest re-installing the printer drivers.

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by slimmswitch In reply to Firstly

I just re-installed the driver off the HP, i seem to be getting to the properties page faster but it still wont delete the spooled items.

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Work Around - Should be good now.

by slimmswitch In reply to Print Spooler Deleted It ...

I've decided to bypass the spooler completely and print directly to the device.
This is good enough for me.

Thanks for everyones help

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