Print Spooler hangs deleting job

By AnnVV ·
When printing to a Brother MFC-5840cn, via a USB connection, the print spooler hangs at the point it shows to be deleting the print job. I see no events or error dialogs - it just hangs and nothing will print. Restarting the print spooler service clears the issue, and I have checked permissions to the PRINTERS folder, which appear to be correct for the Local System/SYSTEM account I believe is managing the print spooler service. Note that this is occuring for a workstation user that is configured to NOT have local administration rights, and I need it to work out for that user. Two other users also use the same model printer without local administration rights, and seem to work fine.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Print Spooler hangs delet ...

fix is to add the users to the print operators. They really cant do much damage and they can solve most problems themselves.

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It is a local printer

by AnnVV In reply to Print Spooler hangs delet ...

The group you suggest does not exist for a local-only printer. Any other ideas?

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Try this

by wishart.jassen In reply to It is a local printer

Go to C:\%systemroot%\system32\spool folder

Open services and stop the spool service
Delete the print jobs in the spool folder
restart the spool service

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print atill wont delete

by rosscoandsandi In reply to Try this

hi i have read numerous fixes on this problem and tried them all. network HP plotter has one print job being deleted then hangs. i stopped the print spool using net stop spool. also tried to stop it using manage services/services/spool stop and start. still nothing. I went to system32/spool/printers and there was no files there to delete. restarted PC and Plotter. still nothing. reinstalled plotter. still nothing. patience is wearing thin. can anyone help?

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to print atill wont delete

are you pausing the print job before deleting.

Step 1
Disconnect the printer from the PC

Step 2
Go to the Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. Highlight any Printer Software that is listed here. Select Remove.

Step 3
From the Control Panel, click on Printers & Faxes. Right click the printer in question and select Delete

Step 4
Look at the Toolbar. Select File, then Server Properties. Look in the Drivers tab. Highlight the printers drivers listed here and click on Remove for each one.

Step 5
Reboot the PC. Do NOT reconnect the printer!

Step 6
Go to the website of your printer manufacturer. Look for new XP drivers for your model. Download the correct software.

Step 7
Run the exe file you just downloaded. It should auto-start the installation program

Step 8
The software will tell you when to connect the printer.

Step 9
Once the software is installed and the printer connected, try a test page.

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by rosscoandsandi In reply to Try this

great detailed description. thourough reinstall.

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Can I take it that it worked :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to thanks

if it did I am glad to hear that you are up and running. :)

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i have the same problem, total reinstall doesn't work

by tkaplan In reply to Can I take it that it wor ...

I have a Lexmark X6100 printer connected to a toshiba laptop running Windows Vista with McAfee antivirus software. Every single time i print, the first job prints fine, but then the spooler hangs. The printer works fine on my IBM thinkpad running XP and Norton antivirus, so it is either a Vista issue, a McAfee issue or a Toshiba issue. My guess is Vista.

I can work around by killing the spooler process, turning the printer off, and rebooting my machine -- but this isn't really a practical long term solution.

I have downloaded and reinstalled the most recent drivers several times; didn't help. The most recent Lexmark drivers are digitally signed and are supposed to be designed for Vista.

I am guessing that there is some type of "job finished" message from the printer that is not making it to the spooler, due to some new security setting in Vista or McAfee. But I have no idea how to track down that setting. I did enable logging on McAfee and nothing is being blocked there.


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