Print Spooler issues

By preid0gr ·
We are constantly getting an error on a laptop, The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 time(s). the following corrective action will be taken in ....

After this all the printers disappear in the printers section of control panel.

At this point the Print spooler service is stopped. If I restart the Print spooler service it will run until I get the message again. We can see it up to 6 times a day.

The laptop is running XP Professional with SP3. By the way this seemed to start after intalling SP3.

We have seen it on a few other computers in the office as well.

All computers conntect to Microsoft SBS, and most of the printers are hosted from there.


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Well this isn't a problem normally related to SP3

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Print Spooler issues

But because SP3 does contain some networking changes to allow Vista to work with XP better you could Uninstall SP3 to see if it makes any difference.

If it does you'll need to look at the Network Settings as something set there is causing the problem. It could be a setting in Active Directory or Group Policies or in some other software that runs on the Network causing the problem with SP3 and some computers.

Also is there any software common to these 3 affected systems that isn't running on the remaining computers on this LAN? If so that would be my starting point.


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by preid0gr In reply to Well this isn't a problem ...

The only reason I thought this could be related was the timing of the issue. After installing it on our computers, we started seeing the issue on three computers. I will attempt to uninstall it and see if the issue goes away.

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Have you checked for malware/trojans lately?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Print Spooler issues

I just spent 3 days on the road working on numerous computers removing trojans that came in through FakeUPS which installs a generic downloader, disables the Windows Firewall, blindfolds the anti-virus AND... messes up the spooler. Each machine that was infected exhibited exactly the same symptoms you've got on this laptop. While the FakeUPS trojan doesn't replicate itself, it DOES open the door for others that do. And, they're network aware, meaning they seek other computers on the network to infect.

I would suggest you disconnect this laptop from any network connection, then reboot to safe mode and run a full system scan using SpyBot S&D, CCleaner and any other good product you have. Note, I said to do it in safe mode. The trojan is cloaked while in normal mode. If a scan while in safe mode detects anything, reboot to safe mode again and run another scan, then keep doing it till all scans (spyware, antivirus, etc...) detect nothing. Then boot to normal mode and run them all again. If anything is found, reboot to safe mode and do it all over again. Then to normal mode again and scan some more, repeating back and forth till you get clean scans in both modes. The machines I just fixed each took about 6 hours to disinfect. So, be prepared for a long haul getting it all out.

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by preid0gr In reply to Have you checked for malw ...

I will try your suggestions and report my findings. I work remotely to this site and will have to schedule at time to accomplish this. Thanks for your response.

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Local issue?

by ---TK--- In reply to Print Spooler issues

I would look through the logs, and try to fine out if its a local issue or a server issue. My guess is that its a local issue, and if the print spooler is corrupt there is no easy fix, other than to reinstall XP.

I would first try, booting to safe mode, uninstalling all the printers, remove all the print drivers, but prior to this I would find and download "known stable drivers" for your printers. reBoot back into XP and reinstall/remap with the new "good" drivers... A bad print driver could easily hang up the spooler.

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