Print Spooler Problem

By jcastro ·
I setup a print server on a windows 2000 server, the print spooler crash frecuently, I have to manually start the service. Is there a hotfix for this?


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frequency of crash

by mr_e In reply to Print Spooler Problem

does it crash regularly after a few days, hours or after certain jobs?

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print spooler

by jcastro In reply to frequency of crash

After a few days, usually every week.


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Any solution

by dgreene In reply to frequency of crash

I have the same issue, did you come up with a solution ? Thanks.

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Usually a spooler crash

by w2ktechman In reply to Print Spooler Problem

should create an event in the event log.
Is the server being used for other tasks? If so, can they be conflicting?
Are the drivers for the printers up to date?
Are people printing extra large jobs, which hang up the spooler?
look in the event veiwer for more info on this. It may jest be that you need to change a few settings, but it may be a bad file, or a bad print job itself.

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you can try automatic recovery od service

by florim In reply to Usually a spooler crash

did you try this i had same problem but i have terminal server with 100 users printing from remote desktop and my print spooler every 2 or 3 days has stopt then i have change config in services that automaticly start service after first faliure.

best wishes

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yea I have this same problem

by lbolden In reply to Print Spooler Problem

Any Idea on where to start trouble shooting?

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Same problem here

by dwallin In reply to yea I have this same prob ...

I also have the same problem. Probably every day the print spooler service hangs. There are no messages in the logs, and the service "appears" to be running. But stop and start the service and everything clears.

It is frustrating because there is no advance warning as all measures show that the service is running.

When it happens all Microsoft applications running on client PCs hang as they try to connect to their configured printer.

It's driving us mad! So any help would be appreciated.

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check version of spoolsv.exe

by rstrickland In reply to yea I have this same prob ...

We had the same problem and it turned out that somehow a previous version of spoolsv.exe was installed on our server. We shut down the spool service and restored all spool related files from another recent win 2003 server install. All is fine now. We had thought it was originally a problem with printer drivers, but that turned out not to be the case.

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network printer

by lloyd.earle In reply to check version of spoolsv. ...

Hi, i have a problem with nmy adding network printers to my pc. the printers are on the print server when i try to add nothing happens.

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When you try to add printers do you use this format?

by Ron K. In reply to network printer

Highlight the bullet for a network printer-Choose-Connect to this printer...<br>
Example:\\server\printer <br>
You didn't give any examples of what you've tried.

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