Print Spooler stopping because of an unhandled win32 exception

By kmacauley ·
i hope somebody can please give me and answer as the what the problem is here.

I keep getting an unhanlded win32 exception on the server.

The error is an unhandles win 32 exception ocurred in spoolsv.exe [1312]

Do you wish to debug?

as soon as a click no the spooler stops running on the server. i know this because it triggers the server monitoring software which sends an email to me to notify me that the spooler has stopped

Has anybody else had this before?


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Most likely a bad driver

by bart777 In reply to Print Spooler stopping be ...

Usually the sppoler only dies due to a bad driver.

Have any printers had their drivers updated lately? Does the spooler run until a certian printer gets a job?

This is where I would start looking.

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driver issue

by kmacauley In reply to Most likely a bad driver

The driver on the server have not been touched. The server does not share the printer out any more. We stopped each pc using the server and set up the network printer locally on each machine. This seemed to slow down the print spooler errors for a while. But recently the errors have become more frequent. Do you suggest removing the printer from the server completely?


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Not the server but al of the drivers.

by bart777 In reply to driver issue

You should be able to remove any printers from the server and then delete any non standard drivers from the server. Once that is done yo can reinstall the drivers that you desire onto the server.

It IS possible for normal drivers to become corrupt. Even on the print server. It's a simple matter to fix the problem and then you can get back to mapping the users to the server rather than the local mapping.

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