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    print spooler wont start. error 2


    by mgosselin ·

    ok, so i may have been a little to quick to start deleting s*^t out of the registry on a client’s computer. it was ALL mucked up with viruses – and upon cleaning the registry, i must’ve deleted the wrong thing – because now none of the printers show up – and i cannot add a new printer = printer subsystem is unavailable. so i then checked the print spooler service to see if it was automatic – it was. so when i tried to restart the service, it gives me error 2: system cannot find the specified file.

    bottom line, i cannot start the print spooler service because it cannot find the right file, the printing subsystem is unavailable because of the service being down…….

    anyone know what gives here?

    thanks for your help in advance.


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