Print to local printer using VPN tunnel

By jasonemmg ·
I have a Brother MFC-420CN attached to my PC via USB.

We have a VPN tunnel to another company. I cannot print to my local printer from their software that is installed on my PC

Do I need to connect the above printer to my network then it will work?

Thank you!

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Check the program settings

by bart777 In reply to Print to local printer us ...

There must be a setting within the program that is not pointing to the local printer.

It may also depend on the applications age. Older apps must print to LPT1 and have a hard time talking to USB devices without capturing the port first.

Also verify that the program is installed correctly on your machione and not actually running on a terminal server thru a desktop shortcut.

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Most VPN client applications do not allow split tunneling

by robo_dev In reply to Print to local printer us ...

Split tunneling is when traffic on the VPN endpoint can go both over the tunnel as well as over a second network (like your local network).

Since USB can be a network type, I bet that's the problem. And, this would also prevent it from printing if your 'Bro is on your local network.

It's possible, too, that the VPN app is a Citrix or other remote app, so printing may need to be configured on their end.

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by jasonemmg In reply to Most VPN client applicati ...

We have a PPTP tunnel between the office's.

It's odd that one Brother MFC works and the other does not..It was suggested to me to run CAT5's to the hub/switch directly or use a print-server.

Before running new cables I think am going to connect a basic HP Laerjet 1022 which we have used in the past for similar and see if it works.


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