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Print usage reporting and restriction

By Double Click ·
Hi all,

I have a huge problem with printer abuse her at our office. We have about 5 networked Laser printers which is being handled by a W2K server. Managment wants to know if we can submit them a detailed report on their usage and by whom....i actually started halfway and found that it is ridiculously to much to sort and order all the print usage and how many pages was printed by the user and what document etc.
Does any of you know of a effective way to do this? Maybe exportion the windows log entries to a database like access?

Any comments would be highly appreciated!


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print logging

by lcampbell In reply to Print usage reporting and ...

You could use auditing and then from event viewer you can export it to a text file for import into excel. This is they way i do it. We have the same problem here (i'm sure alot of workplaces have this issue to deal with)
Good Luck

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print logging

by Double Click In reply to print logging

Thanks Icampbell,

Unfortuanly that way it does not export how many pages were printed and what type of document was printed - basically the event details are not being displad after the export. Or am I doing something wrong?

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Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

by AutoC In reply to Print usage reporting and ...

Search this site for Print Manager Plus for an article on this subject. I use PMP on a server with 7 networked printers to ride herd on student printing. The license for one print server is for unlimited printers.

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Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

by Double Click In reply to Sometimes you have to spe ...

Thanls a lot :)

As I am typing I am busy installing it and checking it out. Had a quick glimpse and it looks real good.

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Try this tool for your print auditing jobs

by twintek In reply to Print usage reporting and ...

I had the same issue as you did in my company. I wound up going with this tool: Try it out and lemme know what happens. Hope this helps!

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