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    by doniett ·

    My printer does not respond at all,doesn’t even print the test page.i do not get any error message either,i have have it set as the default and everything and have verified all connections.
    i seriously need some response,please help me.

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      by statykserver ·

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      Well by the way you explain that you have checked everything it seems like the printer has gone bad. Have you disconnected the printer from the computer and done some self diagnostics tests with the printer? If you check on the internet (maybe even the manufacturers site) you will find how to do self tests on the printer without it being connected to anything other than the power. If these fail as well then the printer is bad.

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      by amit.puthran ·

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      Is this printer on a network? If it is then try deleting the printer (from the control panel-printer) and then restart your machine and then add that printer once again.

      Also, check the drivers for the printer. If this also doent help then check the cables that connects the printer with your computer.

      Hope this helps.

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      by bobho ·

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      Is this a new printer that has been recently installed or a printer that once worked and has suddenly stopped working. If it’s a new printer then make sure that you have followed the directions to install it properly. Some of the newer usb printers require that you install the drivers and software for the printer prior to connecting the printer to the pc. If you connect the printer first you will have alot of problems ever getting the printer to work properly. HP is notorious for this.

      Post back with a little more info regarding the type of printer, type of connection (usb, lpt etc) and whether this is new or not. Also, have you ever had a similarly connected printer working on this pc.



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