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    Printer “Access Denied” w/ unknown time


    by hankbones ·

    I am running a mixed mode network (2k & NT4). I have a single 2k server as Primary and several NT4 servers as BDC. The NT4’s are also print servers. When printing from an XP Pro client after printing to them once and then waiting maybe 10-30 minutes before printing again, I get Access Denied and/or a window will pop up and ask for a username and password to access the printer. If you try to use the username of the person logged on to the XP Pro client, an error is displayed saying that this user has already been tried. The only way to get them back is to reboot the client. I have installed the printers ot the 2k Server and then shared them and I have diabled the the disconnect feature through “net config”. Any help would be most appreciated.


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